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Canadiens vs Predators Top Six Minutes: Goal Scoring Is Not Allowed Edition

A brief and likely sarcastic take on the Habs visiting the Predators

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.

  • I saw The Force Awakens this afternoon, so my standard for being entertained has been set pretty high for these low-scoring Habs.
  • Tinordi drawing in could be quite interesting, he has no NHL action this year and the team's defensive scheme is a pretty big mess made only worse by the fact that Petry is out.
  • Andrighetto continuing to be a scratch while they can't find the net with GPS and a pack of sniffer dogs is not very comforting given the team's scoring woes.
  • Really though, something has to give doesn't it?
First Period
  • Not saying a quick opening goal would be nice, but a quick opening goal would be nice.
  • Those Nashville uniforms may be the worst in hockey right now.
  • First good shot comes off Eller-Galchenyuk-Carr, who I expect to be the best line tonight offensively.
  • Sportsnet trying to torrent too much while uploading this feed?
  • Alexei Emelin point shot actually hits the goalie, everyone drink.
  • So far, Tinordi looks OK for a guy playing his first NHL game of the year.
  • UGHHHHH, 1-0 for the ugliest jerseys in hockey.
  • Habs keep pressing though, at least they haven't gotten discouraged by giving up the 1st goal first.
  • Rinne is too much on point for my liking, seems like they need to face a bad goalie just to get some confidence on bad goals.
  • Outshooting the opponents 11-3 and being behind has been the Habs for this whole damn month.
  • PK dodging two guys and still getting the pass to his partner, how does he do it?
  • The pressure is pretty constant, but nothing. This is a recording.
  • Yikes, now Tokarski has to get some work in. So far he's up to it.
  • Desharnais with an opportunity and he actually shoots! But unfortunately Rinne has him.
  • Biggest positive out of the 1st is that Tinordi doesn't look like someone Nashville can run over and exploit.
Second Period
  • How about a goal? The Habs are allowed to have those right?
  • Habs going to the power play early, or is the Power Kill again?
  • Shorthanded break, but fortunately for the Habs it was Paul Gaustad.
  • ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Galchenyuk denied on a great 1-timer setup from Markov.
  • I don't understand how Galchenyuk can make all these good things happen in the offensive zone but not get the ice time.
  • McCarron takes it to the net, and Gallaghers into Rinne in the process. (Yes that's a verb, because I said so)
  • It's amazing that Ribeiro can make you go 'ew' on cue whenever you see him.
  • Only two ways a goal happens for the Habs at this point, a beyond perfect setup and shot or the most absurd bounce of the season.
  • Jarred Tinordi really wants to play some more hockey games, great play for a guy who was at absolute zero going into tonight.
  • And now we have a nonsense penalty, but on the other hand, it's time for the legend of Paul Byron to grow.
  • And of course Nashville scores on the nonsense penalty, the universe, and several alternate ones, are mocking us right now.
  • Solid power move by Eller to force his way into the zone.
  • Wait a minute, TWO Emelin shots on net? Next thing you know we might see a goal from this team as well!
  • And now a penalty, Paul Byron, you're our only hope.
  • Eller with some solid work on the kill.
  • And they get out of it, but the clock is ticking down and they still can't find a goal.
  • They're not quite connecting right now, but does it even matter?
  • Still find the only positive out of this game is that Tinordi is having a really good night. Maybe he'll get a goal.
Third Period
  • Once more unto the breach dear friends, once more, to have our hopes of a win crushed.
  • And of course the Habs put themselves into a penalty kill situation to start the period.
  • You know what's worse than being behind 3-0? Being behind 3-0 to a team that has Mike Ribeiro on it.
  • The goalie swap here makes less than zero sense given the own-goal nature of it by Tokarski's own teammates. Condon was slated to play tomorrow night as well.
  • Power play for the Habs, how about a goal so they can believe they can actually do it?
  • But it doesn't seem they do believe it, this team just seems to lose any belief they can tie a game once the number against ticks to 3.
  • I'm going to get a date before these Habs score. Yes I will lampoon my own social life to make a point.
  • And that's 4-0, the bleeding has stopped, because the patient has run out of blood.
  • With only the kids scoring in this slump, Andrighetto scratched and Hudon sent back down really makes no sense when you think about it.
  • Oh hell, coach's challenge.
  • And it doesn't count, of course. December from Hell rolls on.
  • Just no more delays please, let the time run out.
  • 4-on-4 becomes a 4-on-3 for the Habs, any goal scored will be called back as well.
  • GALCHENYUK! 4-1!
  • Dude needs to play more, for the record.
  • And now Pacioretty is hurt, because why not...
  • And now Therrien goes what the hell and yanks the goalie, and 3 seconds later it's a EN goal against. 5-1 Nashville.
  • I apologize once again, nothing good happens when I do Top Six Minutes.
EOTP 3 Stars

3. It's funny because it's sad!

2. Shhhhhhh, they'll hear you.

1. They've been playing the same episode all month now. We're sick of these repeats.