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European Review: Martin Reway makes an immediate impact with his new team

It was a mixed bag of games this week, but one thing is for certain, all eyes were on Martin Reway

Artturi Lehkonen played in the quarterfinals of Champions Hockey League against Luleå, and Martin Réway played his fifth game in the NLA. Here's this week's Montreal Canadiens European prospects review.

All Week 14

Joonas Nättinen, JYP

Joonas Nättinen's injury troubles have been flaring up again, and he sat out both games this week. JYP managed two one-goal wins without their captain.

Lukas Vejdemo, Djurgården

Vejde Week 14

Vejdemo's line has stepped up, and has recently been listed as the first line for Djurgården.

Vejdemo had no points this week, but a healthy +3 rating still shows he was on the ice for some good play. The young Swede is eagerly awaiting news on his WJC participation, starting with selection camp list that should be released any day now.

Magnus Nygren, Färjestad BK
Nygren week 14

The captain stepped up big time this week, showcasing a lot of different sides of his game. Unfortunately for Färjestad, they are in a bit of a slump, losing 3-0 to Brynäs, before having a home-and-home stand vs HV71 which resulted in two losses.

Nygren started off with a beautiful goal, zigzag-ing through the zone before in sniper mode hitting the net with a beautiful wrist shot.

He followed up with a typical Nygren goal, a bomb from the blue line to tie the game in the dying seconds.

Overall, the three points from the star defender only led to one point for the team, but there's no doubt about it, he is really a great player, and I am glad to see that Nygren has enjoyed a full recovery from the concussion that plagued him last year.

Artturi Lehkonen, Frölunda HC
Lheks Week 14

Frölunda had a couple of tough games, verus Linköping and Örebro. They managed a win in Linköping, although they were atrocious vs Örebro, a team that has had their number over the recent years.

Lehkonen managed an assist in Örebro and was promoted to the first power play unit (instead of Andreas Johnson), but in the end Örebro won comfortably, 5-3.

Martin Réway, Fribourg-Gottéron
Reway week 14

Success - there is no other word to describe Réway's move to Switzerland and the NLA. With eight points in five games and a 1.6 PPG average, it's not completely absurd to think that that Réway might win the scoring title he lost in the Extraliga, in Switzerland instead. The current leader has 33 points in 24 games, whereas Auston Matthews has 16 points in 16 games. I honestly didn't think Réway would adjust to the NLA as easily as he has.

Even with the recent goals and assist in the Swiss league piling up, the best game I have seen Réway play this season was actually against Switzerland in the Four Nations Tournament in Germany, where he had no points but was the Man of the Match.

You have to wonder if the move to centre was what caused the big rift with Sparta Prague, as Réway has played the centre role to more perfection in the games I have seen. There are still areas to improve, but offensively he has really been fabulous.

Click here to see his other goal. In Tuesday's game Reway was -2, and took another penalty, bringing his total to four minutes in 5 games, whereas he had six minutes in 15 games in the Extraliga. This probably shows that he is still learning and adapting to the NLA, which by all logic should be a tougher league.