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Canadiens vs Sharks Top Six Minutes: Desperately seeking goals

An almost brief and somewhat sarcastic take on the Habs ...

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For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.


  • Last game saw the Habs snap a 4-game losing streak with a 3-1 win over Ottawa, tonight they're going to try to win back to back games for the first time since November 27th. Not exactly lofty goals but I rarely get to do T6M on a big night for the team so whatever.
  • Christian Thomas, we barely knew you, fare thee well in Arizona. Welcome to Montreal (Or really St. John's) Lucas Lessio, don't mind the crowd for winger spots, kindly take a number.
  • I think these games should come with a viewer discretion advisory for obscene content as long as Emelin is a 2nd-pair defencemen for the team.
  • Subban is due for a goal, which is something we've been saying for a while but what the hell. Try to make the reverse jinx work.

First Period:

  • The only thing that seems more out of time than than Barclay Goodrow's name is Therrien's suit.
    • Not exactly replicating the pace of their last first period with 1 shot on goal in the first four minutes.
    • Fleischmann creates the first chance for the team. Always seems to find a passing lane.
    • I was wondering why the game was so dull, then remembered that Peter DeBoer, formerly a bench boss of the New Jersey We Want to Make Everyone Hate Hockey was coaching the team.
    • Price won the Lou Marsh Award as Canada's top athlete in 2015. Rumour has it his pulse went up by 3 entire beats per minute on receiving the news.
    • Habs are outshooting San Jose 8-1 but the chances have been pretty vanilla.
    • And as I say that, Pacioretty tries to put a dent in the goal post.
    • This feels like one of those times when something innocous puts the Sharks up 1-0.
    • Someone put Barclay Goodrow in the stocks.
    • Mitchell goes to defend Subban and drops the gloves with Goodrow, but honestly that's pretty cringe-worthy for a guy in his first game back from injury.
    • Boarding on a star player doesn't get called. NHL really ought to do something about people trying to break their star players.
    • Honestly you kind of felt that coming, Habs getting all the shots but no goals, and then suddenly the Sharks get their first real chance and have a 1-0 lead.
    • Ugh, one of "those" periods and 40 more minutes of New Jersey style hockey from San Jose. Yikes

    Second Period:

    • Let's hope the rest of this game is more fun than the ATM machine eating my bank card was earlier today.
    • ...I guess it won't be. 2-0 Sharks.
    • Still wondering why Andrighetto can't play with Galchenyuk anymore.
    • Sharks outshooting Montreal 7-1 in the 2nd and boy does it look like it as well.
    • At this point I am beginning to fear what the Therrien Line Blender(TM) is going to spit out to address this 2nd period slump.
    • Can this get worse? 3-0 Sharks.
    • Condon coming in to relieve Tokarski, who hasn't had a great night but honestly Habs are so dead this period it's hard to hang it on him.
    • You know the crowd is reaching for anything when they get excited for an Emelin shot.
    • Andrighetto back with Galchenyuk-Eller, perhaps Therrien remembered you need to score goals to win games.
    • The aformentioned line immediately starts looking dangerous in the offensive zone.
    • THERE IS LIFE!!! Weise pinballs one off of Vlasic's leg and it is now 3-1.
    • Nathan Beaulieu is a pleasure to watch, it's very easy to see him being PK's partner when Markov's time is up.
    • PK Subban could charge a lot to his peers to run a hockey camp on keeping the puck in at the blue line.
    • Being down 3-1 isn't that great, but a comeback when down 3-0 was very likely not going to happen. And likely they don't have a horrible 3rd period as well.

    Third Period:

    • An early PP in the 3rd is just what we need, to foolishly raise our hopes..
    • We shouldn't read too much into PK changing his stick brand and his goal drought this year, but if he wants to break out his old Eastons I won't mind.
    • No score, but at least they had some good looks.
    • ARE YOU KIDDING ME(x2), damn you Jones.
    • Ahem, tying a guy up to the point he falls down is a penalty. Wake up zebras.
    • First bit of real action from Galchenyuk this period, but the deke unfortunately goes nowhere.
    • The only time I believe they can tie this game is when Subban-Beaulieu are on the ice.
    • I don't want to say this offensive pressure is too little, too late but it really is.
    • Therrien trying to get Condon out but the Habs can't hold the puck in. Been that way for most of the night though.
    • And that's the game. Habs have won just 1 of their last six games. Some of those haven't been deserved but this one? They gave it away. Can't be that brutal when your scoring has gone up in smoke.
    • That said, I'll take the loss if Beaulieu-Subban becomes a thing. Every shift is just FUN.

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