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Canadiens vs Senators Top Six Minutes: The losing streak is over

The Canadiens came out blazing and the Senators came out historically flat. The losing streak is over.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

Adversity. The Canadiens have lost four games in a row, as we all know. Carey Price is still out, but that's not even the reason. The goal showers of the first eight or so weeks of the season have dried up, and finding the back of the net, particularly for the best goal scorers, has become enigmatic. Looks like tonight's trios have been tweaked again, presumably in an effort to spread the scoring talent across all four lines.

Nothing like using a Saturday night home game against a divisional opponent gaining on you in the standings to kick things back into gear. Okay, guys? That's all I'm going to say about this. No predictions out of me tonight.


  • Therrien thinks the Habs are horrible singers. Even the most ardent coach haters ... will find a way to disagree with this, who are we kidding.
  • "What would be special for Montreal tonight would be to not blow a third-period lead, should they get one." Tell us how you really feel, Scott Oake.

First period:

  • They just replayed the hit on Eller. Twice. Stay classy.
  • Byron and Pleks team up for a glorious chance right off the hop
  • Dustin Tokarski with an awesome, awesome pad save, OMG
  • Brian Flynn, secondary-scorer extraordinaire. In Gallagher's office. The goals don't seem to come from anywhere else.
  • Beaulieu has been having a helluva night so far after last game's scratch; have said it before, this is a guy who gets it.
  • They've been getting into the slot like it's the easiest thing in the world, eh?
  • What am I watching here? Is Ottawa simply playing like garbage?
  • And here we go, off to the first Habs powerplay of the game
  • Nothing on that one, but it looked GOOD - P.K. was sublime. Borowiecki might not be his best friend after tonight though, ouch.
  • Shots are TWENTY ONE TO SIX. Twenty. One.
  • The CAPTAIN got a beauty!!! A second goal in the first period, right after the commentators were lamenting the absence of this very phenomenon, so THERE
  • Weise's shot at the end was before the buzzer, get your jocks out of that bunch there, Ottawa
  • 26 shots, man.
  • Period over. Allow me to enumerate my complaints: zero!

Second period:

  • The commentators say, "Things HAVE to even out here." Why?
  • Not too much to show for that powerplay
  • Have to mention that the kids are all playing very responsibly again tonight, great to see
  • Jeff Petry! Jeff Petry! Everyone's bouncing back tonight, in that character game that Max Pacioretty promised us!
  • 3-0, and a richly deserved lead
  • Patch, would you let me finish typing before you score your second of the night, it's called manners
  • 4-0!
  • Buh-bye, Anderson
  • Oh, ha ha, there's no way that goal counts. Damn.
  • Can't blame him for trying. Back to 3-0.
  • The beautiful exterior shots of Montreal make my heart actually ache
  • Beaulieu has got himself an eye of the tiger tonight, absolument
  • The crowd chanting Olé has absolutely no influence on OMG three Ottawa shots, never mind
  • Crap. Pageau. As always, he is a blight on the Habs' night.
  • Galchenyuk looks maaaaaad
  • 3-1
  • Habs are not letting this get to them
  • Ottawa coming on really strong now though, Tokarski has been #dece
  • They just mentioned Hammond is on a conditioning stint. Had completely forgotten about that guy.
  • The hell? Did Galchenyuk get clipped?
  • Ooooh another powerplay!
  • Subban is just really good at hockey, you guys
  • Nothing to show for that one either, but I'm loving everything we're seeing here tonight
  • Dustin Tokarski, so pleased for the game he's having so far
  • End of the period. Still 3-1. Though the commentators cheerfully point out that the Habs' have blown third-period leads for an ancient tradition of all of four whole games, it sure doesn't feel like one of those nights.

Third period:

  • Food delivery has arrived so this might be tricky
  • Dale Weise interview on HNIC tonight, he's such an enjoyable subject
  • HNIC agrees that Montreal TOTALLY won that trade
  • Ottawa imposing themselves a little bit
  • Emelin BOOM on Karlsson, crowd loves it
  • Mark Stone goes for his Gatorade. Who else is disappointed he got the right end this time? Hate.
  • Thank you, P.K. Subban
  • I mean it, thank you so much
  • OK I'm done eating!
  • FLYNN almost gets another
  • Chris Neal. GTFO.
  • Ottawa coming on like crazy so now they get a powerplay. Oh boy, Pleks.
  • Oh boy, P.K.
  • HNIC does this weird Grinch comparison with this game, which I completely cannot connect the dots with. What?
  • Two-man advantage, bad guys
  • (Two-goal lead, good guys)
  • Back to five on four, POST
  • Flynn, god BLESS YOU
  • Now it's four-on-four. Everything is happening!
  • Montreal on the powerplay!
  • Screams
  • 2:21 left, shots 42-24
  • Empty net
  • "And increasingly empty hopes" I can't
  • Oh. Just realized your Habs have now scored 100 goals, 13 days before Christmas, and despite the recent drought.
  • You need three goals to win.
  • They win.
  • The losing streak is over. Impressive win, full entertainment value. The right team gets it. Tokarski was just great. Every man showed up with fire. That's what you want!
  • Bonne nuit!

EOTP Three Stars of the night

3) Decent Saturday, at least.

2) Ticker deserves a few kisses.

1) Jean-Gabriel is no longer his first name.