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The Habs sing Let It Go from Frozen

This is extremely funny.

Youtube/Montreal Canadiens

The Montreal Canadiens are getting into the holiday spirit, and decided to do so by posting their rendition of the hit song "Let it Go" on their youtube channel. It is definitely well worth four minutes of your time to watch. I can all but guarantee that you will laugh.

Most of the players, in particular Alexei Emelin, seem very uninterested with the idea of actually singing, and prefer to simply speak their lines. Other guys, like Dale Weise, Mike Condon, and P.K. Subban, are actually pretty into it, and seem to be the type of guys that would go all out for Karaoke night.

Subban's grand finale though... That is just the stuff of legends right there.

In any case, I doubt that any of them will be quitting their day jobs any time soon, as they are much, much better at playing hockey than they are at singing.