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Can Dustin Tokarski seize the opportunity?

The former back-up will have a perfect chance to secure the no. 2 spot that he lost this season.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Two things have plagued the Montreal Canadiens over the past six games since Carey Price went down to injury: A goal-scoring drought and uncharacteristic goaltending when compared to what the team is used to.

Earlier this week I explored the idea of Marc Bergevin having to trade for a goalie, if this week's back-to-back games against the Bruins and Red Wings didn't reveal the goalie who would carry the Habs through to the end of Price's injury in January.

On Wednesday night it was Mike Condon's chance to showcase himself against the Bruins, and he did not fare very well at all. The shorthanded goal by the Bruins Loui Eriksson that went through a gaping five-hole turned the tide in Boston's favour on Wednesday night. It was one of those occasions where a key save was not made.

Condon was not awful, flashing the glove and pad on a couple of beautiful saves, but how much longer can Therrien trust Condon with the starting job? His numbers continue to slide since he's been forced into the starter role and he's currently on a three-game average save percentage of 0.873.

That may not be good enough to shoulder the load for the next five weeks.

He looks calmer in the net, and rarely seems out of position or rattled, but unfortunately the key saves are not being made. That can hurt a team at the best of times, even more so when your team is scoring only 1.8 goals per game over their last five games.

On Thursday night, it will be Dustin Tokarski's turn to show what he can bring, prior to Bergevin making any drastic decisions. It will also be Tokarski's opportunity to earn more playing time if he has a strong performance against the Detroit Red Wings.

After a difficult training camp, it was a mighty fall for Tokarski who watched Condon pull the trick that he himself had pulled the season before when he usurped the backup role from the incumbent Peter Budaj.

In St. John's, Tokarski struggled to get better numbers than first-year pro Zachary Fucale. Tokarski looked like the odd man out in the Canadiens organization, but with Price's injuries and Condon not making the big saves, an opportunity has presented itself once again.

For now, Tokarski can take this opportunity and use it to earn more starts. If he performs well, he can possibly take back the number 2 role when Price returns.

Either way, the man who got an unexpected chance due to a Carey Price injury in the 2014 playoffs now has another opening in 2015. Will be he able to grab it?