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Watch the Habs beat the Bruins for a good cause!

After Cyber Monday comes Giving Tuesday. The Marianopolis Millennium Foundation is auctioning off a pair of tickets to the next Habs-Bruins game to fund scholarships for disadvantaged students. Why not?

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

December 1st is Giving Tuesday, a global movement that happens each year after Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It is a day dedicated to giving back, for people to come together in the spirit of giving to support charities and non-profit organizations ahead of the holiday season.

The Marianopolis Millennium Foundation disburses almost half a million dollars annually to the one in five Marianopolis students who rely on financial aid. Imbued by the holiday spirit, today, the Foundation is holding a silent auction, online and on campus.

Between 9 am and 4 pm, place your bids for a chance to win a pair of tickets to the Montreal Canadiens vs Boston Bruins game on Tuesday, January 19, 2016. These are prime tickets, friends - Section 115 (Reds), Row M, Seats 7-8, for a value of $362.

So, to recap: you can (1) watch the Habs beat the Bruins (again), in person knowing that you've (2) done so for a worthy cause and furthered the development of Canada's next generation of leaders. The bidding starts at $200. To join in on the fun, email your bids to, then check the official event page every half hour to see the current highest bid.

The winner will be announced the morning of December 2nd.

If you're not in the position to bid, you can still make the most of Giving Tuesday (and boo the Bruins from the comfort of your own home). Visit the Foundation's donation page to send your contribution in support of this movement.