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Alex Galchenyuk Video Tribute

Check out some of his best highlights from this season, and his career with the Habs.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

Alex Galchenyuk is on an absolute tear right now for the Montreal Canadiens. He finally made his much anticipated permanent move to the centre position this year, and it is paying off handsomely for the club.

In our latest tribute video, I've compiled some of his greatest hits from this season, and from his entire career with the Habs. Hopefully he can keep bringing more of this night in and night out, because when he's on, he's an incredibly fun player to watch.

If there's one thing that this video proves rather conclusively, it is that Galchenyuk has a ridiculous shot, and the ability to get it off with little to know space. Goals like his short-side snipe on Henrik Lundqvist are evidence that he is growing into one of the more feared snipers on the Canadiens roster.

Alex Galchenyuk is just pretty darn good at hockey.

Youtube - MontrealCanadiens200