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Back on the Ice: Martin Reway plays for his country

With the European leagues on an international break, Martin Reway is finally back on the ice with team Slovakia.

Claus Andersen/Getty Images

In order to make a good first impression, Martin Reway arrived to the camp over two hours ahead of time, probably eager to impress the new head coach Zdeno Ciger, who was appointed this summer.

Ciger, formerly of  the New Jersey Devils, Edmonton Oilers, New York Rangers, and Tampa Bay Lightning, saw his last coaching action with Slovan Bratislava before their KHL status in 2010-11.

Known as a hard man during his playing days, Ciger can only have been happy with Reway's start. He arrived in a black and gold Los Angeles Kings baseball hat, perhaps proof that his bohemian style will always be there.

He did however talk with the press up on arrival, and was quick to point out that the reason for the Kings hat was because Montreal Canadiens doesn't make them in that colour.

"Montreal baseball hats in that colour doesn't exist, I  just took the hat I liked. I hope you do not give it anywhere, so I again have a problem"

Reway said that last part jokingly, hoping that the reporter wouldn't circulate the picture, making light of his tough situation at the moment. He also had to address the situation with Sparta Prague, and offered his side of the story:

"When you have twenty years, you have to play as much as possible, to improve themselves, get to a higher level, to a better league. You need to be on the ice at a key moment to turn you into a player who decides games. That's what I wanted. But at Sparta, I felt that trust is smaller and smaller. Or as personal problems. I would just like to play more"

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Reway, wearing number 77, got to play on Slovakia's first line today against the USA. Considering that he just came back from 14 days without playing, it is promising that he gets to be on the first line, thereby getting the ice time he needs and wants.

I was hoping to have a stream and be able to watch this game myself, but unfortunately I was not. As luck had it Andy Hehn (@Le_Canadien on Twitter) was able to fill us in on what went down.

Reway plays on the right side with Roman Kukumberg and Michel Miklik. Shows flashes, nothing spectacular so far, but fast on his skates. Overall, Slovakia looks more structured, USA more passionate, and both goalies had good games. The lack of cohesion and passing precision, coupled with strong defensive play from US team, means it is a difficult game for Reways line.

Reway did take an offensive zone penalty early in the third period, as he was pursuing the puck and got blocked by the defenseman. He brought up his stick, and it was judged as high sticking, but it was a close call. Reway had great pass to Dalogafor for a good scoring chance but the ensuing shot was blocked by a US defender.

The line had some troubles in defensive zone and got hemmed in for quite some time due to two consecutive icings. Reway was on the ice for the last push, but could not get his shot away, and that sums it up. Didn't see a Reway shot during the game. Game finished a 1-0 win to the USA.

After 14 days with no matches, it is to be expected that Reway is a bit rusty. The good thing is he was back on the ice, and got to play quite a bit. Hopefully he will get back to his regular style of play in the upcoming two games this weekend.