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Brendan Gallagher puts Jim Kyte on blast

Jim Kyte shot first, but Gallagher quickly took control of the exchange

Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

Jim Kyte went after Brendan Gallagher and Brad Marchand simultaneously on Twitter, and was promptly slapped down by the former. It was a masterstroke of Twitter usage by Gallagher, who quickly put Kyte in his place.

Kyte started the chirping, by stating in so many words that he is not a big fan of the Canadiens' forward.

Gallagher came right back, reminding Mr. Kyte that he was not exactly a gentleman in his playing days.

That video is Jim Kyte taking a cheap shot at one of the greatest players in the history of the game. You might think that this would have put an end to the sanctimonious talk, but that wasn't the case.


That explanation wasn't quite enough for Mr. Gallagher, so he came right back with a dagger.

Shots fired. However, even while being thoroughly schooled, Kyte apparently doesn't know when to quit.

Of course, the real reason Gallagher isn't playing in Europe is because he scores a ton of goals in the NHL, and is one of the better wingers in the league.

Kyte decided to take one last parting shot, although he fumbled on his Hail Mary attempt.

Upon further review, there are a few people named Guy Charbonneau. One was the longest serving speaker of the Canadian senate, another owns an auto garage in Saint-Joseph-du-lac. Neither played in the NHL.

The verdict: Unanimous decision in favour of Brendan Gallagher.