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Enter the Dragon - Martin Réway excels in Switzerland

Highlights from Martin Reway's three-point night in Switzerland.


Martin Reway scored his first goal for his new team Fribourg-Gottéron, and even added a second in a game against the Kloten Flyers that Fribourg-Gottéron won 5-2. He wasn't even done there, as he would add an assist to make it a three point game.

His assist came as the power play expired:

His first goal became the game winner, as he scored to make the score 3-1 during another power play.

His second goal came late in the third period, on a two-on-one rush, faking the pass before driving the puck into the net with a fast shot top-shelf.

What is encouraging to see aside from the point production is that he was +2 on the game. While the current lead in the scoring race is 32 points, it seems that he has set his sights on getting as close to the top as possible.

The Kloten Flyers aren't a bad team, currently residing in the last playoff spot in the NLA, whereas Réways Fribourg-Gottéron currently sits third in the table. As always, when called up on to challenge his skills, Réway has stepped up and delivered. It really shows that he has adjusted well to the new league, and it will be very interesting to follow his progress moving forward.