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Canadiens vs Devils Top Six Minutes: Devil's Advocate

The night after the Habs had a comeback win over New Jersey, the Devils overcame a deficit to win in Montreal.

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  • The Habs eked out an undeserved victory last night, and it will be interesting to see how they respond facing the Devils again in the second half of the home-and-home. How long before Therrien starts mixing up the lines?
  • Christian Thomas is in tonight for Bud Holloway. Thomas' speed should really match well with that fourth line of Byron and Flynn.
  • Condon was solid last night. If the reports are true, he may need to master his Carey Price impression for the next month. Now is a great time to start, if you ask me.

First Period

  • The Habs come out flying, with Dale Weise forcing Schneider to stack the pads on him. It's followed up by a big shot from the point courtesy of Beaulieu, and another off the ensuing faceoff from Andrighetto. If this keeps up, I like our chances.
  • Last time I did a TSM, I asked if there was a more detestable former Hab than Grabovski, to which our beautiful commenters immediately responded with Ribeiro. Let's play a different game: is there a more likable former Hab in the league than Mike Cammalleri? Discuss.
  • RDS reveals Corey Schneider has the best save percentage in the league among goalies who have played 150 games since 2010-2011. He's a great goalie but he never seems to be in a great situation, the poor bastard.
  • Nobody tell Dale Weise he's not one of the best hockey players in the world. Ever. As long as he thinks he is, he'll be much, much better than his actual abilities should dictate.
  • Condon has great positioning to make a save on a New Jersey 2 on 1. The game seems to be opening up a bit, which definitely favours the Habs, because they are - and I don't mean to overstate this - the Greatest Team in Hockey History.
  • Andrew Berkshire, he of the big brain and ruthless Twitter feed, put together a piece for RDS that detailed the Habs' tendency to allow high-danger scoring chances. When you look at the opportunities the Devils are getting so far tonight, it makes sense - lots of passes into the slot and odd-man rushes.
  • That said, neither team is pushing the action so far. After a bit of back-and-forth to start and an exchange of PPs, the period was, to say the least, unexciting. To say the most, it was a goddamn bore.

Second Period

  • The Devils get a few chances. Pateryn clears the crease on one of them. I enter a deep REM sleep.
  • Then, something happens! It's weird and good! Beaulieu's point shot appears to hit Galchenyuk in the hands and deflect past Schneider. 1-0 Habs.
  • My wife is trying to convince me that Max Pacioretty looks like Ty Burrell, who plays Phil Dunphy on Modern Family. We are desperately trying to look for a flicker of entertainment in this game. That's how boring it is.
  • Condon has looked steady. He hasn't had to be spectacular, and that's fine, because steady is fine when that's all you need to be.
  • Desharnais is foiled on a breakaway, and while I remark upon how good Schneider is (yet again) something else dawns on me: we've got two redheaded goalies facing off against each other. Has that ever happened before? Will it ever happen again? Realize what you have and relish it, dear readers.
  • Finally this period ended.

Third Period

  • The Habs were great in the third last night; it wasn't until the final frame that the game got exciting. Let's hope the third is exciting for the right reasons again tonight.
  • My talented colleague Namiko has pointed out that if Schneider has played against Frederik Andersen of the Ducks, then we've seen a ginger-vs-ginger goaltending situation before. My research confirms this is a first. And on back to back nights, to boot!
  • Christian Thomas got robbed by Schneider. He hasn't been out much, but when he has he's been speedy and aggressive. In a game without much to notice, I've noticed him.
  • Elias heads to the box and it doesn't take long for him to have the door opened for his exit. Chucky buries a rebound for his second of the night and it's 2-0 good guys.
  • Galchenyuk is riding a great streak right now, scoring five in his last four games. My wife: "He kind of reminds me of a young Leonardo DiCaprio." I like him a little less.
  • Adam Larsson rips one from the point that appears to hit Pacioretty and deflect past Condon. It's 2-1 Habs with nine minutes to go.
  • Patches and Flash take turns with heavy shots off the rush, looking to pad the lead to 3-1. No dice so far. The Devils aren't exactly pressing for the equalizer, but I wouldn't be surprised to see this head to OT.
  • The Devils tie it up with less than twenty seconds remaining, and I feel the fool for having written that last blurb. Sorry, Condon, that's on me. Way to go, me.


  • Again, sorry about this.
  • Subban, Fleischmann and Desharnais out to start the 3-on-3. After a scramble in front of the Devils' net, Therrien sends out Plekanec, Pacioretty and Petry. You can never P too much, I always say.
  • The Devils get their revenge. One night after Montreal comes back from a 2-0 deficit to win in a shootout, New Jersey overcomes the same deficit to win in OT. John Moore pots a rebound following Adam Henrique being stopped by Condon on a breakaway. The Devils win whatever the opposite of a barn-burner is by a score of 3-2.

Three Stars

3. Booloo knows exactly what to doo.

2. I woke up just in time to read this.

1. Rumours of his being a bust were greatly exaggerated.