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Carey Price injured again

After two and a half games, Carey Price is back on the shelf.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

The injury bug has arrived in Montreal with a vengeance, and seems to have no intention of leaving. When Carey Price came back after eight games to take over from a faltering Condon, there was immediate concern that he'd come back too soon, forced back unnecessarily by a stretch of bad games by the otherwise solid backup.

Perhaps he did in fact come back too soon. Price left the game against the Rangers prior to the third period, and now we know that he has re-aggravated the injury that already had him out for several weeks.

In his first game back against the New York Islanders, Price looked uncomfortable, but settled down as the game went on. However, at no point did he move like the Carey Price we are used to.

With the Habs coming off a pair of victories against the Islanders, Price started once again against the Rangers. Despite making several excellent saves, many noted that he looked even less comfortable as the game progressed, especially when moving laterally.

Between the Habs strong play of late, and a rested Mike Condon, it might not be time to panic over the state of the team. We will provide an update on Price's status as soon as any information is available.