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Brendan Gallagher out indefinitely with two hand fractures

It seems the Canadiens will be without Brendan Gallagher for some time.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Bad news for the Canadiens, as one of their top scorers will be out indefinitely. Brendan Gallagher blocked a shot with his hand accidentally, and went straight to the room to get checked out.

After the game, it came out that Gallagher had in fact suffered two fractures to his left hand, courtesy of J-F Chaumont on Twitter.

No matter how deep the team seems to be, losing Gallagher for any amount of time is a major problem for the Canadiens. Going into the game against the Islanders, he was tied with Max Pacioretty for the most goals on the team. It will be a tough task to find a replacement for his production on the farm.

Hopefully Gallagher, like Pacioretty, recovers quickly and can get back to action soon.