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Canadiens vs Islanders Top Six Minutes: Alex Galchenyuk's massive PP goal wins it for the Habs

The Montreal Canadiens take a late lead, and hold on to sweep the Islanders in the weekend back-to-back.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Another hockey game, another meeting with the Islanders. We were just here on Friday, and the Canadiens played a fun game on enemy territory. Know who really had fun, if you ask me? Alexander Semin. A happy Semin is good news for us, Habs fans. Can't wait to see what he does tonight.

I watched Friday's game again yesterday, and I'm not gonna lie, Carey Price does not look like he's 100% recovered and ready to be back; perhaps he is just understandably rusty. Obviously the doctors and coaches know better than I, so I'm probably wrong. Would not be the first time.

Here we go:

First period:

  • Strong first shift
  • Strong second shift
  • Six minutes have gone by and I have nothing to say but that down to a man, the Habs showed up to PLAY
  • I like Paul Bryron a lot. I promise I'm not going to say anything about how he looks 12 years old (but he is adorable)
  • Semin is continuing to play like he did Friday, I'm not saying I'm counting my chickens, but I'm up to two
  • The Tavares / Subban thing is fun
  • How are the shots only 5-2 for the Habs? Feels like 10.
  • Sven Andrighetto draws a penalty, and here we go. Time to score.
  • This is a very quiet building tonight BTW. Nothing to show for that PP either.
  • Islanders are doing an insanely good job of boxing the Habs out
  • Blech. Tavares scored. I'm not mentioning any more Isles specifically by name.
  • NO!!!! Time expired. Sh*t.
  • This was not my strongest period of TSM ever.

Second period:

  • This game is better already, because even though it's not yet 6 PM here, it is dark out. So I haz wine. Forgive any typos.
  • Alert: Semin's had more ice time than six other Habs
  • What happened to Markov?
  • Habs are all over these guys. Amazing shift for the Galchenyuk line.
  • Islanders power play.
  • I officially rescind my earlier comment on Price. What. A. Save.
  • Greg Pateryn does NOT want to go back to St. John's, folks
  • Montreal is on the power play that looks like it's in slow motion.
  • Maybe that was the wine goggles. DESHARNAIS ties it up!
  • Semin does NOT want to go back to the press box, folks. Having himself a helluva game.
  • The addition of Jeff Petry to this club literally brings a tear to my eye.
  • You know what you hear a lot, lot, lot of this season by commentators? Compliments to Michel Therrien.
  • Brendan Gallagher is hurt and the Habs are back on the PK. Who's giving out refills?
  • Sometimes it looks to me like Tomas Fleischmann skates in slo-mo but I think it's his long legs. Fleischmann with the shorty!
  • I have drawn a direct correlation between my having wine and the Habs scoring goals. See no reason to break a streak. 2-1, Habs.
  • Whatever adjustments the Habs made for the second period, they're working.
  • Just saw the photo of what looks like a broken finger on Brendan Gallagher. Small point, I made more of a fuss just looking at that finger than Gallagher made, and he owns that finger.
  • Gallagher made less of a fuss over that finger than the theatrical fuss Mark Stone made over a micro boo-boo.

Third period:

  • Well, there it is. Gallagher won't be back tonight. You know he's back there saying, "I can play!"
  • Still have a minute of power play after that holding call
  • Oh MY Andrighetto's got some wheels
  • Carey Price with the amazing save on the PK. I already took back what I said earlier, so
  • That's my second "Dale Weise!" scream tonight.
  • Very weird thing happening at the SN headquarters where the guys do NOT know they're on camera.
  • Andrighetto just makes me so happy about all these guys just giving 100%. No passengers.
  • Aaaaaand they're back on the PK. Weak call on Weise. Guess the refs want to even things up. Guess they haven't heard about the Isles' power play.
  • Even-strength Islanders goal. Crap.
  • Beaulieu with another penalty. Bad timing. I typed that, then put my head in my hands.
  • Pleks almost got the shorty. Has he had one yet this season?
  • Well, well, well. Three minutes left in a tie game and you run Price? Dumbass.
  • I told you I wasn't mentioning any more of them by name.
  • Alex Galchenyuk, bless your cotton socks! Habs up 3-2!
  • I know a lot of the popular opinion is to lose one's mind over Galchenyuk's minutes compared to last season. But the coach has consistently used him on special teams, and in the lone shootout this year. It's not a cardinal sin to protect your future superstar with reduced minutes while showing confidence in special situations. And if you choose to interpret it that way, giving Eller the role of his wingman is a big show of confidence in that young man, as well. Those are my two cents.
  • There was just about 12 Islanders on the ice. They win for boneheaded penalties ce soir.
  • Did they steal the Islanders' coach from a Sopranos set?
  • Daaaaaaale waved off, what?
  • Damn. I wanted a 10th goal for Weise.
  • Commentator says "there's not gonna be no challenge here"
  • Pacioretty with the fourth goal
  • Your Montreal Canadiens are back in first overall, and have scored 78 goals since October 7.
Bonne nuit!


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Dale Weise's patience leads to a David Desharnais PP goal
Tomas Fleischmann scores on a short-handed 2-on-0
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