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Canadiens vs Coyotes: The Habs get Dogged at Home.

The Arizona Coyotes came in town to annoy us and make us cry.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.

Coming off a 3-0 comeback victory over the Vancouver Canucks, the Montreal Canadiens are looking to get a win from the visiting Phoenix Coyotes.

The Habs will still be without all-star goaltender Carey Price as he is still out with a lower body injury, but there was good news this week as Price has returned to practising with the rest of the team. Lineup changes for the Habs tonight included Alex Semin being benched as Paul Byron will be drawing in.

First Period

  • Arizona, not Phoenix...Arizona...Nope still not used to it.
  • Line change 17 seconds in to matchup lines, anybody who says zone starts or matchup aren't planned is crazy.
  • Condon seems more calm in his net as the season goes on, this is very good to see
  • Subban, you dangling magnificent human being.
  • Ugh, random goal and i'm not even exactly sure what happened on D there 1-0 Yotes.
  • Beaulieu all alone! You gotta bury that! Hopefully it won't be one of THOSE games.
  • I hate when players bark at refs. It never gets anywhere and you just make a scene for no reason
  • Random goal #2 for the Coyotes. Condon you gotta have that buddy.
  • Habs continuing to get scoring chances, so it makes being down 2-0 more bearable.
  • Not going to lie, every time I see #6 I get scared a little.
  • Damn you florescent orange shirt man...getting my hopes up.
  • Galchenyuk making defenders into turnstiles since 1993.
  • Alright more power play! That's why you don't bark at refs. Instead replace your complaint with a confused Pacioretty face.
  • Not our Pacioretty though...go find your own.
  • Period ends and the Canadiens are down 2-0 to the Phoenix Arizona coyotes going in to the break.

Second Period

  • Another power play for Montreal. The Habs seem to be baiting the Coyotes into a lot of uncharacteristic penalties.
  • Somebody just bury it...honestly.
  • I swear if the Coyotes score on that.
  • Oh for the love of god. 3-0 Coyotes.
  • Condon still in net though after that, not really surprising but maybe it's just not his night.
  • Now instead of giving me hope, fluorescent orange shirt man is scaring me.
  • What a save Condon! Getting your groove back, let's go!
  • We are due for some luck, Hockey gods hear my plea!
  • Galchenyuk is seriously due, he's been getting chances all night.
  • I'm not even surprised that DSP didn't bury that, it's just been THAT kind of game.
  • Interesting question: If a goal was cause by the ref getting in the way of a clear or something along the same lines, can it be challenged and disallowed?
  • Habs catch a break with that crossbar shot, at least the hockey gods can be merciful sometimes.
  • Even though we are losing, it should be noted that the Habs are at least shooting the puck well.
  • Flash with another post...AAAAAAAAAH!
  • Patches showing why he's one of the most dangerous forwards on the ice there. 3-1 Coyotes.
  • Habs go into the break down 3-1 and Smith seems to be uncomfortable heading into the locker room there. Something to keep an eye on for sure.

Third Period

  • Smith back in the net to start the third, so that's crisis averted for the Coyotes.
  • This game is just borderline depressing. The Habs just keep getting chances to bury it, but have had no luck.
  • Arizona putting more pressure on this period, if we don't score now then it's effectively game over.
  • I am always proud of local Montrealers doing well regardless of the team they play for. Keep on going Duclair.
  • Subban getting aggressive there, staying way in the offensive zone there for a bit. Maybe we should pull a Dustin Byfuglien and put him on the RW next to Eller and Chucky.
  • That would be a terrible idea please don't do that.
  • Looks like Gally is DOGGING the Coyotes for a penalty. I'm not sorry.
  • Credit to him, Smith is having himself a great game.
  • The Habs seem tired of this game already. Can't say I blame them honestly, it's been annoying to watch.
  • Aaaaand not really.

EOTP 3 Stars

  • 3. This better be true.

  • 2. Orange jacket guy is public enemy #1 at this point.
  • 1.  It was fun while it lasted.