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10 Reasons Why Marie-Philip Poulin is cooler than you

You wish you were as cool as Marie-Philip Poulin, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Marie-Philip Poulin is pretty cool. Few people in the CWHL, or even Canada, or even the entire world of hockey, are as cool as she. Here are but 10 reasons why she is cooler than most of the people that you know.

10. Because she scored the first hat-trick of her CWHL career last weekend, and leads the league in scoring right now with 11 points in 4 games.

9. Because she takes selfies with fans.

Eric Bolte /  USA Today

Eric Bolte / USA Today

8. Because during her first go-around in the CWHL, despite only appearing in 16 games, she led all rookies in scoring with 22 goals and 21 assists, and was a runner-up for the 2007-08 CWHL Most Valuable Player Award.


What were YOU doing at 16?

7. Because she's the face of Nike. What are YOU the face of?.0.html

6. Because she plays with Caroline Ouellette and you don't.

5. Because, until recently, she held the record for goals scored at Boston University with 81. How many NCAA goals have YOU scored?

4. Because she scored the game-winning goal for Team Canada in Vancouver.

3. Because she scored the overtime goal for Team Canada in Sochi.

2. Because she knows how to celebrate a huge win.

Peter Power / The Globe and Mail

Peter Power / The Globe and Mail

1. Because she's ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ personified.

Alexander Nemenov / AFP / Getty Images

Alexander Nemenov / AFP / Getty Images