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Lukas Vejdemo Scores Again

In Sweden, we call it the "Ketchup Effect", when you knock the bottle to get some ketchup and suddenly it all comes out at once. That seems to have happened for Montreal Canadiens third round pick Lukas Vejdemo.

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In today's game versus Rögle he scored again, a sharp low shot to beat the keeper. This is Vejdemo's third point in as many games and he is making a good case to be included on Sweden's roster for the World Junior Championship that starts in December.

The game is still being played (the third period just started) and Vejdemo is currently +2 with the goal.

The young man from Stockholm expressed his thoughts about World Junior Championship and how much it would mean for him to be part of both directly to HabsEOTP and to

It seems that Canadiens Director of Amateur Scouting Trevor Timmins and scout Christer Rockström have once again found a good player in the middle of the draft that may soon be seen as a steal.