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European Review: It's Lukas Vejdemo's time to shine

In a turn of events that put two of the prospects in Sweden against each other, on back to back nights, both Lukas Vejdemo and Artturi Lehkonen had the chance to show off their skills.

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This week has had mixed number of games as Tuesday's Champions League games messed up the schedule for some of the Swedish teams.


Lukas Vejdemo, Djurgården

Vejdemo WEEK12

It was a bit of a ketchup effect with Vejdemo in the second game vs Frölunda. Suddenly, all that he has fought and pushed for seemed to come together.

He got a nice rebound to bury and finally get that goal that has avoided him. His game has really improved and he participates much more in the game now than he was just a couple of weeks ago.

In an intermission interview in Monday's loss to Örebro, his second such interview in two games, he stated his work ethic as a reason for his success lately. Vejdemo spoke to EOTP after the Frölunda game, about his development in SHL and the chances for him to play JWC, you can see what he had to say here.

Magnus Nygren, Färjestad BK

Nygren WEEK12

Färjestad has struggled recently, after their attempt to get back into the playoff race by bringing in a lot of players has become a bit unhinged.

In a 5-1 loss to Skellefteå AIK, Nygren was +1, which says something about his defensive acumen, though the player that really stood out for Färjestad was Minnesota's young talent Joel Eriksson-Ek.

Artturi Lehkonen, Frölunda HC

Lehkonen WEEK12

Artturi's line received a promotion to number three this week, while Frölunda has been employing what must be Michel Therrien's dream: rolling four effective lines constantly. It seems that Detroit Red Wings prospect Christoffer Ehn has gelled with Lehkonen and Robin Figren to make it a more regular feature.

Lehkonen is working his trade all over the ice, getting as much time on the penalty kill as he gets in power play situations. He seems to be one of Roger Rönnberg's most trusted players, also getting in on the action at the end of the game, be it to force an equaliser or to protect the lead.

That's also where the -1 came from this week, as he was on the ice when Vejdemo got his assist on an empty net goal for Djurgården. Lehkonen scored on the power play in the away game to Djurgården:

Joonas Nättinen, JYP


Joonas Nättinen's JYP has been struggling of late in the league with a couple of tough losses. With 16 shots in those two games, it seems to be that when JYP attacks, it's Nättinen's line that does it.

Nättinen has averaged close to 20 minutes per game over his last three, so his injury troubles seems to be behind him.

Martin Reway, Sparta Prague

I have searched for news and spoken to my sources in both Slovakia and Czech Republic but there is no news on a new destination for the enigmatic player. There is evidence to suggest that such a move is forthcoming. Update: Reway has signed a deal with Fribourg-Gotteron in the Swiss league, there will be a separate article for this news on HabsEOTP.

Reway WEEK 11


Once more thanks to @SHLProspectGIFS for providing the gif for us to use.