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Is the Martin Reway situation nearing a conclusion?

A photo shows Canadiens prospect Martin Reway packing up his locker. Could there be an end to the saga?

HC Sparta Praha

A photo of Montreal Canadiens prospect Martin Reway packing up his locker posted by his agent leads us to believe that a conclusion to the dramatic situation may be near.

Reway's status has been up in the air after a contract negotiation with his current team, Sparta Prague, ended in a contract standstill with Reway apparently wanting more ice time, and the team not willing to give it to him. Reway's contract expires at the end of this season.

He was sent to Sparta Prague's B-team (essentially farm team) but has not played a league game since the incident. His only game action since then has been with Team Slovakia at an international tournament.

All we have is that photo, taken by Reway's agent, and the text translated roughly to "Martin Reway already knows his next locations."

His KHL rights are owned by a Slovakian team - Slovan Brataslava - and that's where we assumed he'd be heading, although there's now an unconfirmed report that he's headed to Fribourg, in the Swiss league.