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Canadiens vs Avalanche Top Six Minutes: An Avalanche of goals

The Canadiens were prepared and dominated for long stretches, but this was just one of those games

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

Oh my god the Habs are finally playing again! I feel like I've been crawling through the desert for the past 70 hours and just found a sweet, sweet oasis.

Carey Price is still injured though he skated this morning, so it's Mike Condon's turn in net again tonight. Alexei Emelin is injured so we get to see Greg Pateryn for the first time this season, but the nom du moment is, of course, Alexander Semin.

Semin's back in the lineup tonight after being a healthy scratch for seven games. Paul Byron, someone who's played his heart out since cracking the lineup, is out. Michel Therrien spoke yesterday after practice and with the amount of times he mentioned, "playing the right way both with and without the puck," I considered making it a drinking game except it was too early in the day for me. Not just playing the right way, but, "the same thing we ask of all our players." I am interested to see how Semin, a veteran sniper capable of spectacular play, rises to the task, demonstrates the message was well received, and proves that he deserves to stay in the lineup. So, to borrow a phrase from our former goaltender and tonight's opposing coach, it's balls on the table time, Semin.

Semin jokers, I gave you that one on a silver platter.

One more thought, watching the pre-game show and all the shenanigans surrounding what's going on in the Canucks' room, mostly centring on their goaltender, makes me so happy that the Canadiens' army is so tight and marching in sync.

All right! Bon match!

First period:

  • Oh oh Petry. It's shifts like that that just a few years ago would have made me go, "Wow! They almost did a thing, I'm so excited!" Today's Habs, however, are just great. Always doing great things.
  • So of course the Avalanche score. Say it with me: Adversity.
  • Speaking of things, the density of Pateryn's beard should be a thing. Pateryn's beard should have its own Twitter account.
  • Okay, Condon coming up big with a couple of saves. Start scoring, Habs.
  • Alex Galchenyuk is a beautiful hockey player.
  • So many chances. So much zilch.
  • It's coming.
  • Mitchell (for the other team) takes a pretty stupid penalty and we're off to the powerplay which is ACTUALLY VERY GOOD LET'S DO THIS
  • The announcer just said "Alexander Semen". Really, really. I can't.
  • Also, Semin on the PP? Nice.
  • Bupkes.
  • David Desharnais is playing like a veritable demon this season. An absolute joy to watch.
  • Not a fan of Patrick Roy's new look.
  • Devante Smith-Pelly's got wheels, eh?
  • Shots are 13-3 for the Habs. I repeat: 13 to 3.
  • Welp, Markov and Subban with the rare WTF moment but Condon comes up big on the breakaway.
  • Oh no wait. Avalanche just scored again off the faceoff. Petry is pissed.
  • Whaaaat I just finished typing. 3-0 Avalanche. Sportsnet sounds pretty excited, gotta say.
  • First intermission, score is 3-0 for the team outshout by 10.
  • Habs are gonna win.

Second period:

  • I feel like when teams are really terrible, they have so much on the line to prove something when playing good teams. Avs have lucked out tonight so far but oh my god I hate how Patrick Roy looks now. Sorry, distracted.
  • Another powerplay chance. Balls on the table. Balls. Table.
  • False alarm. Take your balls off the table.
  • Are the Dads at this game? Beeeeecause ....
  • I so so so wanted Semin to score there for various different reasons. You did too.
  • Actually it would be great if Dale Weise would score. He hasn't scored in FOREVER.
  • Brendan Gallagher scored a goal that won't be recalled, and the hockey gods are smiling. 3-1. Cue the comeback.
  • Alexander Semin took a penalty but it was kind of bad luck. I hope he plays again tonight. And EVER.
  • Byron on the breakaway would be welcome right about now.
  • Duchene took a penalty now, what a nice way to end his career as an Av.
  • Oh. That was not a very good goal on Condon.
  • 4-1, bad guys.
  • Not ready to declare this a loss. And I haven't even been drinking, but I'm about to start.
  • As far as I'm concerned, every single time the camera zeroes in on Roy is a gif-able moment.
  • Too many men, another chance for the Habs, whose "third-place powerplay in the NHL" has got to be slipping tonight.
  • Oh thank god Semin is still playing.
  • 4-1, Avalanche. Still another 20 minutes left to play.

Third period:

  • Dustin Tokarski is starting the third period for the Habs, and god love him, but I may have to withdraw my prediction.
  • Not saying much because there isn't much to say. It's times like these I marvel at play-by-play folks.
  • I automatically thought that odd-man rush in on Tokarski would be a guaranteed goal but it wasn't. So easy to slip back into previous tendencies.
  • 10 minutes left.
  • Tom Gilbert just got a penalty, and if the Habs don't score short-handed, I'm picking up my knitting.
  • Knit one, purl two.
  • 5-1 Colorado and it's just one of those nights. Pardon me for thinking Habs could win this because they were playing better.
  • The Mitchell on the other team just scored to make it 6-1, Avalanche, which is qualified as a "pasting" by Sportsnet.
  • Just glanced at Twitter, and I can smell a Condon = Hammond debate brewing, and if that actually starts, I want off this crazy Twitter train.
  • Positive takeaway: there are players with less ice time than Semin tonight. All is not lost.

EOTP 3 Stars of the night

3) He didn't let in every shot...
2) Saint Patrick gets no love round these parts.
1) Yeah, Brad Marchand is totally not the worst person in the world.