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What does Justin Abdelkader's contract mean for Dale Weise?

Weise is heading for a big contract, Condon's scrambles, and a troubling trend with scoring chances.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
Dale Weise vs Justin Abdelkader

With the news that the Detroit Red Wings signed Abedlkader to a massive seven-year $29.75M contract, concerns over Weise's upcoming unrestricted free agent status this summer have surfaced.

While it's true that Abdelkader has produced a better points per game ratio in the NHL, at 0.34, compared to Weise's 0.25, Abdelkader is currently riding a wave that was created thanks to his 23 goal season last year, which was paired with an incredibly inflated 14.9% shooting percentage.

You would think that general managers would have learned that signing a player that has one good season powered by a high shooting percentage is a bad idea, but here we are.

It's easy to see why the contract has been met with a plethora of criticism.


Weise's agent will likely seek a little less than what Abdelkader received from the Red Wings, but it's important to keep in mind that this may be his only chance to cash in on a big contract, therefore we shouldn't expect any form of hometown discount. Like Abdelkader before him, Weise is currently scoring at a very high rate, almost 20% of his shots. It won't last.

Marc Bergevin will have a tough decision to make, but as it stands, it looks like Weise is quickly pricing himself out of an extension with the Canadiens.

In other words, enjoy his great season, because it could end up being his last with the Habs. Truth be told, no one should fault Weise if he tests the free agent market this summer.

Condon's performance

There's no doubt about it, Mike Condon has played well for the Canadiens. He has yet to lose a game in regulation, and he allowed more than two goals for the first time on Wednesday night versus the Penguins.

That being said, there's always room for nitpicking, and I'm seeing a few things in his technique that are somewhat worrisome. First off, he tends to push out of his crease when there's a loose puck, leaving him out of position and scrambling to recover. He hasn't been burned by it yet, but it's happened almost every game.

Another issue which we'll have to monitor, is his tendency to be not be squared with the shooter and the net. For example: the goal last night by Patric Hornqvist. Yes, it went off Jeff Petry's stick, but Condon was cheating, leaving the shooter more opportunities to score.

Don't get me wrong, Condon is a talented backup, but there are definitely a few aspects of his game that can be improved.

Scoring chances vs shot attempts

While it is true that the Canadiens are controlling the majority of the score adjusted shot attempts, at 53.2%, they've only accounted for 49.4% of the scoring chances.

It's an improvement from last year, no doubt, but it's still not ideal considering the shot attempts.

Going by Sportlogiq's numbers, the Habs were thumped in the scoring chance category versus the Penguins, to the tune of 33 to 20.

The high danger chances were 13-5 in the favour of the Penguins as well.

We'll have to keep an eye on this trend as the season rolls on. On the bright side, the Habs still hold an edge when it comes to high danger scoring chances, with 51.8%.