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Dale Weise injured, returns immediately

He may, or may not be the second coming of Max Pacioretty.

Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

Dale Weise is one of the hottest goal scorers in the NHL right now, but a scary moment during the second period against the Penguins looked to spell some bad news for the Canadiens' forward.

During a second period powerplay, Weise was tied up in the corner, Ben Lovejoy fell on the back of his leg, and it was clear right away that something was wrong. He struggled mightily to get back to the Canadiens' bench, and needed help from there to get back to the room.

The following GIF may be slightly disturbing if you've ever had your leg bent that way.

Weise didn't even miss a shift. He's been scoring goals at a Max Pacioretty-esque rate, and now he appears to have inherited some of the latter's rapid healing powers as well.

In all seriousness though, he's had an amazing start this year, and it is great to see him bounce back so quickly from a scary-looking play.