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EOTP is on a new social media platform!

When there's an immortal age between hockey games, all sorts of shenanigans occur to cope with the lack of Canadiens hockey. The latest? A Tumblr account.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

You may already follow us on Facebook, or Twitter, but we decided it was time to branch out to two new social media platforms.

Yes, good people of the internet, EOTP is now on Tumblr!

Ever wish you could reblog one of Marc's silly pictures, or Stephen's fabulous comics? Now you can.

Check us out at

Some other things you'll find there:

  • EOTP articles
  • Canadiens and Canadiennes coverage
  • Funny gifs, hockey highlights, and various other pictures.
  • Videos
  • Photosets
  • All manner of fun things. (Have any suggestions? Drop us a line!)
If you have a Tumblr account, give us a follow. If you don't, good on you, you escaped a massive time-sink (but come give us a visit anyway)!

We've also created an Instagram account, which you can can follow by clicking on this link.