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Injury update: Carey Price will miss another week.

We finally have some news on the status of the Canadiens' netminder, and he won't be available to play just yet.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Back on the first of November, Habs fans held their collective breath as it was announced that Carey Price had sustained a lower body injury. Later that same day, most were able to exhale deeply, as the club announced he would be out for just a week. Then as that week came to a close, it came out that new information would be made available this week.

Yesterday, we learned that Carey Price had left Montreal to head to New York to get some additional evaluation of that lower body injury. It was cause for some concern, but we had very little information as to exactly what was ailing the superstar goaltender.

Today, Michel Therrien confirmed that Carey Price will be out of action for another week. The good news is that he doesn't need to have surgery, so while we don't know exactly what the issue is, it at least isn't that severe.

And so, it looks like the team will have to continue to lean on the solid play of Mike Condon moving forward. The rookie has fared very well so far this year, so it is entirely possible that the team can continue to succeed with him as the starter.

That said, Dustin Tokarski has struggled mightily to start this year, both during the preseason with Montreal and with the St. John's IceCaps. It's hard to say how much confidence he'll have if at any point he needs to give Condon a night off.

In any case, Habs fans will simply have to hope that Price makes a speedy recovery.