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Canadiens vs Jets Top Six Minutes: Fleisch, Fleisch Baby

It was another high-scoring game for your Montreal Canadiens who dominated in nearly every way.

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For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.


  • Having just spent a few years in Winnipeg, and much of that time at the MTS Centre, I have to admit I was pretty excited for tonight's match-up.
  • Either Jets' goalie versus Carey Pri....oh dear god no. Price out for at least a week. Well, Condon has been solid, so we should be in good shape still. *cries internally*
  • Price will be on hand to receive the Molson Cup so Habs fans can scrutinize every single movement to determine what his injury is.
  • After all of these years, the Bell Centre has eluded me. A trip to Montreal needs to happen, stat.
First Period
  • Paul Maurice in a snazzy three-piece suit while Michel Therrien looks like a burnt hot dog
  • Okay, I won't pick on MT for the rest of the game, I swear
  • Flash to the penalty box for bullying Jacob Trouba
  • Our penalty kill is absolutely solid, a few short-handed chances
  • Byron with his second shorty of the season! Guess Semin will be out for a little while longer
  • Nic Petan with a no-no and he gets time-out to think about what he did, let's have some 4-on-4
  • Seriously, glass hitters should be banished from hockey arenas
  • Too many men for Montreal, Emelin blocks a shot and appears to limp in a bit of pain
  • I don't care who you are - Condon's story is incredible. Stylistically similar to Price, aggressive, seems to play the puck pretty well, confident - I can't wait to see what he can do for the rest of the season
  • PK loves to try and set-up fancy plays as much as he loves his fedoras
  • FLASH snatches up Desharnais' rebound, 8 points in 13 games, yep. He's a keeper
  • Condon continually calm as a cucumber. Say that five times, fast
  • Dustin Byfuglien takes out Gallagher - the entire fan base holds their breath - then Gally gets up and heads right towards the scuffle that erupted. That's about right. 4 penalties handed out, we end the period with 5 on 5.
  • Smith-Pelly, who has really found his stride this season, gets a lucky bounce and makes a beautiful pass over to Petry. Even better save by Michael Hutchinson.
  • Period ends with the Habs up 2-0, SOG 6 a piece, both teams unsuccessful on the power play
Second Period
  • Okay, here we go, let's get this star...FLASH! Few, crisp passes between the third line and Fleischmann gets his second of the game
  • And just like that, Desharnais gets the fourth of the game. I am trying not to get too excited here.
  • Hutchinson pulled, Ondrej Pavelec subs in
  • Really fun to watch Desharnais and Weise repeatedly try to get the puck to Fleischmann so he can get the hatty
  • Jets with a few pretty dirty hits so far tonight
  • 70 children with cancer are at the Bell Centre this evening and will meet the guys after the game. I love this team
  • Anthony Peluso is good for one thing: making the Winnipeg Jets look bad. Montreal back to the power play
  • Habs getting a little too cute with the puck
  • Condibear making life difficult for the Jets with his best Carey Price impression
  • Does anyone like Mark Stuart
  • Desharnais can't clear the puck into the offensive zone, Blake Wheeler capitalizes and comes in but Condon absolutely denies him with a big glove save
  • Eller casually redirects a slapper from Markov with his skate, Habs go up 5-0 on the power play
  • The ole's begin, SOG 18-15 for MTL
Third Period
  • Everyone wants Flash to get the hat trick
  • Okay, I'm a little bored
  • This slower pace has allowed me to spend entirely too much time scrutinizing Chris Thorburn's hair
  • I'm just going to say it: I really like Nikolaj Ehlers
  • That was because I made fun of his hair, wasn't it? 5-1
  • Na na na na
  • Flash wants to put everything in the net, even himself
  • Winnipeg out-hitting 33-15 but wow they aren't winning in puck possession, I am so confused. It's almost like it doesn't really matter who hits more.
EOTP 3 Stars

3.  Never underestimate Therrien's sneakiness. 

2. Yeah but the Jets hit the Habs sooooo much. That's worth a few points in the standings, right?

1. Flagging a comment due to someone talking about the shutout? Seems appropriate. They've been IP banned! ;)