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P.K. Subban delivers pizza the only way he knows how

Yet another dose of P.K. Subban being awesome, this time delivering pizza in a Boston Pizza commercial.

P.K. Subban is great.

He's a fantastic hockey player, a generous philanthropist, and one of the best personalities the Montreal Canadiens have ever had. He's done a few TV spots during his career, this isn't the first he's done for Boston Pizza, but it may be his best yet.

In this particular iteration, P.K. delivers some pizza to hungry customers alongside Louis Morissette. He does so in a manner that only he could; by firing it into their home with one of his patented slap shots. While the man at the door seems slightly appalled at the act, Subban celebrates as if he just scored a game winning goal.

As if he needed to endear himself to the Montreal faithful any more than he already has, Subban speaks in French during the commercial. He doesn't say much, but the effort that he has put into learning the language means a lot to his fans in Quebec.

P.K. Subban is simply the best.