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Zack Kassian has entered the NHL's Substance Abuse Program

After a day of speculation, Zack Kassian has decided to get the help he seems to need.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

After being involved in a car accident early yesterday morning, Zack Kassian has entered the NHL/NHLPA joint Substance and Behavioural Health Program. This means he is suspended without pay until program doctors agree he is healthy enough to return.

Earlier today, general manager Marc Bergevin spoke to the media about how disappointed he was in Kassian for what transpired in regards to the car accident.

Captain Max Pacioretty said that the players would be there for Kassian if he needed it. Kassian's former captain on the Vancouver Canucks also spoke about Kassian today, and hoped that he would get the help he needs.

The best news is that Kassian appears to be getting the help he needs, and that he is being supported by an organization that wants him to get help. He is not being cast aside, he is being handed over to professionals who can help him properly. There is no timeline for his return, nor should there be.