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Zack Kassian suffers broken foot, future with the club in doubt

In Marc Bergevin's address to the media today, he confirmed that Kassian has a broken foot, and seemed none too happy about it.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

A very disappointed Marc Bergevin addressed the media today, and confirmed that Zack Kassian suffered a broken foot, as well as a broken nose from his car accident on the weekend. It's unclear exactly how long he'll be held out.

Bergevin didn't give too much away, but was clearly not too happy about the situation.

"You have to be professional, have to behave like a professional. You're lucky to be playing hockey. I'm a big believer in character, and that's a lack of character and judgement on his part"
"We took a risk, and we gave him a chance. Eventually you become responsible for your actions, we'll see what happens"

He fell short of confirming whether the team has any plans to do something in terms of moving Kassian, but he did hint towards the idea that there may be some severe repercussions.

UPDATE: Kassian has entered the NHL's substance abuse program and is suspended without pay indefinitely.