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Canadiens vs Oilers Top Six Minutes: The Habs get burned

The Habs complete their second game of their western road trip. However they do not call it "the wild west" for nothing.

Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

The Montreal Canadiens squared off against the Edmonton Oilers hoping to get a bounce back win on their second game of the western road trip.

Keys of the game: Connor McDavid EDM - McDavid is on a point per game pace and is tied with Max Domi for top spot in rookies with the most points. However there might be something standing in McDavid's way of topping the list.

Carey Price MTL - Even though he did get lit up a bit in the Vancouver game, Price is still the best in the business and to count him out would be a mistake that teams will regret making. His .945 save percentage is the best amongst goalies who have played 5 games or more.


  • I got Taylor Hall in my Tim Horton's hockey card collection today, hopefully that isn't a sign.
  • Semin scratched and his replacement is Brian Flynn? #justtherrienthings
  • At least we have an excuse to see Paul Byron in the lineup, I was looking forward to his debut as a Hab.
  • 9:00pm eastern alright redemption time!

First Period

  • Desharnais' line is starting the game #justtherrienthings
  • Already a penalty, great start.
  • Habs jerseys everywhere, that's what you get for a Canadiens road game in Canada.
  • Ahh Benoit Pouliot, thanks for the power play.
  • Gallagher does what Gallagher does!
  • Wait this Edmonton team ices both Ference and Gryba? ohh Edmonton, don't make me want to hate you.
  • Well "ices" seems to be a subjective term for Ference.
  • Emelin has come a long way with his first pass, I guess
  • McDavid is scary good, but P.K is no ordinary defenceman. You can't just pull that cute stuff around him.
  • Talbot almost got Miller'd right there. Good thing that was Patches and not a certain L.A. King.
  • PK just soccer slide tackled the puck away from someone, I can't even.
  • It's nice to see that Habs play a more methodical game, better neutral zone pressure rather than just chasing pucks.
  • Chuck with that the easy tap in. That Markov dish is just disgusting, I love it.
  • Habs end the period shorthanded, but lead 3-0 I'll take it.

Second Period

  • The Habs are obviously taking advantage of the fact Edmonton's defence doesn't have many puck movers
  • I really don't miss the era of the Pouliots in Montreal, I'd rather a Semin scratch.
  • Oooh Subban with that offside, this game could've been 4-0.
  • What? I watched one year of Michel Therrien turtling on leads last year so I'm absorbing my fill of goals while they last
  • Gilbert tried to get fancy there, just put it on net.
  • Pk wants it, you know he does and only so many crossbars will save you.
  • It must be so frustrating to play the Habs when they play this way. You don't get many chances and when you do, you have to beat Carey Price.
  • Carey chants in Edmonton, and Price just got snowed. Where is da respek?
  • I just looked at the shot totals this period but even if Montreal only has one registered shot in the second, I feel like the Habs have been getting more chances than the shot totals let on.
  • Wait, I'm an analytics fan. What am I doing watching the games?
  • Edmonton with a chance for the one-t but we must extend another thanks to Pouliot for the miss.
  • I still can't get over the fact that Edmonton drafted Petry in the second round only to develop him into a good defenceman only to trade him for a second round pick.
  • Powerplay or Powerkill?
  • I can only imagine a media broadcast room freak out when they show the wrong part of a highlight.
  • Nice try Emelin, just a second too late though. Good goal.
  • Another penalty, I don't want to start calling pity penalties but...
  • The Habs still lead at the end of two, 3-1. 

Third Period

  • Ugh thank god hockey is back, that intermission banter nearly forced me to prematurely end this TSM.
  • My god PK Subban, I thought Malcolm was the goalie?!?
  • Galchenyuk paired with Gally and Patches, that's interesting.
  • Wow, no call on the high stick against Subban but the scrum with Pouliot gets them both to the box. Lets not even act like that's a fair trade.
  • It doesn't matter however because Davidson puts it in with a nice shot. it's 3-2
  • Okay we need to stop turtling this lead. It's getting too close.
  • I bet Weise could've put that in if he wanted to.
  • Geez Flynn move your feet a bit, and TRY to generate a cycle.
  • Ugh just what I get for ragging on Pouliot all game. Tie game.
  • I hate life right now. How did they let that happen.
  • Carey "clutch" Price.
  • Well, that's what you get for making bad decisions late. 4-3 Edmonton
  • Ugh. I can't even. If that was Semin making that turnover he would get crucified.
  • That's all she wrote.
EOTP 3 Stars

3. We'll allow it.


2. Does Semin get to coach?
1. That just about sums up this game.