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Canadiens vs Canucks Top Six Minutes: Nothing Lasts Forever Edition

You win some, you lose one.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.


  • The Habs are putting a 9-game winning streak on the line as they begin their annual Western Canada Road Trip, I know Scott Matla suggested the possibility vs Buffalo, but this is truly the part where you ought to know...
  • Trap
  • In reality, the big question is after a couple of games of being the 2014-15 Habs, is the team serious about getting back to possession hockey after a very disturbing lapse?
  • Because if they aren't, well this is going to be another adventure in my almost-charming repretoire of sarcasm.

First Period

  • Always feel trepidation when doing a T6M since my first one ever saw them blow a 3-goal lead against the Carolina Hurricanes of all teams, but let's get this going anyway.
  • Took 2 seconds for them to mention ex-Hab Brandon Prust. Hopefully we don't get it 200 times.
  • Sportsnet lists Bourque and Moen on the 4th line. All guys wearing 32 and 17 look alike I guess.
  • ARGH! 1-0 Vancouver, but that was a pretty weird sequence, don't see Price lose track of pucks too often.
  • Gallagher rings the post, but that wasn't really a GallyGoal so it wasn't going to happen.
  • And now the PBP crew mixes up Weise and Flynn. Sigh.
  • Brandon Sutter is the goal scoring leader on Vancouver? Yikes.
  • 2-0 Vancouver. Luck is part of a winning streak and it's not going for them right now.
  • How did that stay out? Rotten luck for Davey.
  • Crap, is Ryan Miller good again?
  • Can't get lucky against Price every time there boys.
  • "Penalty" to Fleischmann. Time for Pacioretty-Plekanec to connect for a shorthander.
  • Penalty killed, but probably a good thing Tanev isn't a known finisher on that Sedin pass.
  • I may retire from T6M after tonight.

Second Period

  • If you missed the 1st period, EVERYTHING IS HORRIBLE.
  • I am consoling myself with the fact Scott Gomez had the game-winning goal to get St Louis past Tampa Bay tonight.
  • Habs aren't mailing it in. 4th line doing some work.
  • Not generating much O-zone time here. You need at least one goal in this period to believe a comeback is plausible.
  • A funny bounce around the Vancouver net but it isn't MTL's night, le sigh.
  • I am not the only person who thinks MacKinnon looks older than Crosby in those commercials right?
  • Galchenyuk is creating a lot of chances that could be goals lately, that line needs puck luck.
  • Another puck facing an empty VAN net that goes the wrong way.
  • Habs may not win this, but if they keep doing this they can avoid a shutout.
  • Um, isn't spearing a penalty? Could've sworn it was.
  • Oh geez, that does not look good for Prust.

Third Period

  • The winning streak is on the line and the Habs need 3 goals. Why not?
  • Multiple shifts with the pressure in the offensive zone is what we need.
  • As I was saying... TORREY MITCHELL!!!!! 3-1 Vancouver as the Habs finally cut into the lead.
  • Delayed power play! But that was a lot of mucking around for not much action.
  • Now's a good time for PK to blast one through...
  • But first they need to actually gain the offensive zone and hold the puck there.
  • Why does Desharnais get the PP? There are years of evidence he's not very good there.
  • Too many men! Why the hell not... 4v4 time.
  • And that's probably the game, another bounce against the Habs. 4-1 Vancouver.
  • I check the ice time and for reasons beyond understanding, Desharnais's line is leading the forwards tonight. Not their fault the Habs are down 3 goals but they aren't likely going to make it a tie game either.
  • Derek Dorsett scored on the Habs. The universe is far more cruel than I had previously believed.
  • If you stayed up to watch this game, well... umm... at least your bed will feel comfortable after this I guess.

Three Stars

1. I give credit for effort here

credit for effort

2. Scott finds a positive in all of this


3. Doesn't make sense to blame Columbus, but none of those bounces made sense either so I'm going with it.

doesn't make sense but