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Canadiens vs Leafs Top Six Minutes: And still...

Your Montreal Canadiens are still perfect, sitting at 9-0-0.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.


  • Having watched hockey all day, this is the fourth nation of hockey I am watching today. Russia, Finland, Sweden and now Canada.
  • Salming, Näslund and Sundin, some good Swedish players in these teams through the history, but today there are no Swedes on the ice.
  • Frölunda won 7-1 today, no points for Lehkonen, but that pesky Johnson got three points, so in fairness we should win here. I used to ask @GunnrCarlsson if we could get Johnson for a bag of pucks, but always got a "no!" (Well drafted 7th rounder).
  • I grew up watching his father play... Damn, I am old.
  • I stick to traditions: 1st Montreal goal: Price, Carey Price. Never shaken, never stirred.
  • Frölunda also played a 16 year old, Kristian Vesalainen, in today's game. 2017 Draft is making some headlines (1 point in 2 games).
  • Toronto at home on a Saturday night, let's hope we can keep this train going. I am nervous...
  • From this side of the pond, I always feel a bit of longing to see the skyline of Montreal.
  • The intro montage was not as good as anything @b0undless has done. I am now on youtube checking old Hockey Night In Canada intros.
  • I have a playlist on my phone named Hockey Night In Canada, with intro music from the show, and other hockey related music.
  • No Sara Diamond... This pregame show officially sucks now.

First Period:

  • DSP, wow you are so much faster than I remember; I apologize for my T25U25 ranking from this summer.
  • PowerKill(TM) seems to be back...
  • Post then post again! Leif "Honken" Holmqvist (famous Swedish goalie) said "the posts are my best friends," seems Price has the same friends so far.
  • Semin-Galchenyuk-Markov: From Russia with love.
  • GOAL! PK Subban! On the Power Play, can we retire the PowerKill(TM) for good now?
  • Decent hip check by Gilbert. I like that, to few good hip-checks in today's game.
  • Price is just so damn good.
  • The Montreal 4th line is something that other coaches must have nightmares about.
  • Patches! Both breakaways have been missed today; DSP's earlier and now Patches.
  • 1-0 Montreal after the first.

Second Period:

  • What a play from Galchenyuk, leaving Eller with an open net! I love Eller (he played in Frölunda after all) but that was Galchenyuk's goal.
  • Komarov brings it back to one, bounced off the post?
  • Desharnais with a counter, lucky bounce, but you create your own luck.
  • Next up is van Riemsdyk brings it back to one again.
  • Semin might need oxygen after that shift, he was so tired he almost gave away the puck for free.
  • 7 min into 2nd period and it's the first time I hear of Tomas Plekanec. Oh he had an assist on the first goal. It's past midnight here, I forgive myself.
  • The play is atrocious right now. I have no idea why, seems like the coach doesn't either.
  • Not smart, Eller takes a penalty behind the Toronto goal. Stupid cross check, can't argue that call.
  • Price!
  • Pacioretty - Shorthanded! Making Bernier fall asleep at that end was the tactic the whole time. #Therrienknows
  • 5-on-3... for 53 secs.
  • #PricebeingPrice
  • Frustration, thy name is Phaneuf.
  • PK hits the stick of Gallagher with a slap shot, and Gallaghers tip in hits the net.
  • If I would have known that fixing the power play was me doing TSM, I would have done it earlier, I promise!
  • Daylight Saving Time here - I am back to 1 am same hour again, does than mean second period all over again?

Third Period:

  • Post, this time from Montreal.
  • Gallagher, but he knew he couldn't push the goalie in, even if he really really wanted to.
  • Tripping calls, or not? - Not according to the refs.
  • Damn, 5-3 but was that Semin giving up the puck in the offensive zone?
  • So many icings in a row they could have effects on the climate, IPCC needs to be informed.
  • How many shots does the Leafs have now, 50? - 45 was the right answer...
  • 5 min to go, I am on my 5th coffee during the game.
  • Empty net with 3 minutes to go. A bit wild, but I get it.
  • #PricebeingPrice... I don't know how many times we've used that these last years.
  • It's a win, not totally convincing, but still a win. 9-0-0.

EOTP Three Stars of the night

3) I think most of us miss the Sekac, no?
3starcand2 (for reviving the game thread)

2) Turnovers are delicious, you shouldn't give them up.
3starcand1 turnovers

1) I imagine this is exactly how an on ice conversation should be.