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Carey Price donates a massive amount of hockey gear

Carey Price sent a rather large amount of hockey equipment to the Williams Lake Minor Hockey Association.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Is there anything that Carey Price does that isn't great? Recently, the Canadiens goaltender sent thousands of dollars worth of hockey equipment to the Williams Lake Minor Hockey Association, as well as various other youth organizations in the area. Those included several Aboriginal organizations, as Price has always been vocal about his heritage and wanting to give back to those communities.

In the case of the Williams Lake association, his donation was so overwhelming that it left office administrator Pam Povelofskie's office filled from floor to ceiling with boxes of equipment. It was an extremely kind gesture, and it warms one's heart to see that a superstar like Price hasn't forgotten about his local community, even now that he has ascended to super-stardom.

Though Price grew up in Anahim Lake, BC, he played his minor hockey in nearby Williams Lake. It is great to see the ongoing generosity of Canadiens players like Price and P.K. Subban, as they selflessly use their money to try and help those in need.