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Personalized Goal Songs for Habs Players

What if Montreal Canadiens players had their own goal songs?

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

There has been quite a bit of attention paid to the topic of goal songs over past few weeks.

First there was the initial shock, subsequent mockery, and bitter retraction of the new Islanders goal horn.

Then the universally-lauded choice of DJ Kool's Let Me Clear My Throat by the Buffalo Sabres.

The Vancouver Canucks followed by announcing player-specific goal songs for this season, which kinda makes sense if you watch enough Columbus Blue Jackets home games to grow tired of hearing the canon being fired after each goal.

On social media, #batflip has replaced #goalhorn as the new innocuous non-news of the month. But before the subject is allowed to fade away, the EOTP columnists decided to have some fun by selecting (with great difficulty) personalized goal song that would mark the moments of triumph for Habs players. Ideally it should include three elements: immediate jubilation, sustained celebration, and maintained adrenaline. Below are some of our choices.

Brendan Gallagher

His goal song was probably the easiest one to pick. It needed to represent his never die warrior attitude on the ice, always fighting and hustling shift after shift, doing away with an underdog perception and replacing it with an unmatched level of effort. There was only one choice really.

Alex Galchenyuk

The young gun on the team needed a song that translated his youthfulness and skill into a full-on sonic assault to invigorate and adrenalize his team. The song had to bridge a generation gap, ensuring that despite his young age he would galvanize the entire roster.

Andrei Markov

The blue line general needed a serious-sounding song that represented his calm, stoic demeanour. A slow-tempo rhythm with an undertone of authority and consequence. Understanding basic-level Russian, I know that this song is filled with profanities, so it's not ideal for mass consumption, but the beat and the flow are exactly what I would imagine Markov's goal song to be.

Max Pacioretty

The captain needed a song that encompassed his goal-scoring skills and his status on one of the oldest organizations in the league. It would've been easy to choose the Captain America theme, but I decided against the obvious. I chose a song that isn't very well known, so it's risky, but ultimately plays directly to his captaincy.

David Desharnais

As the highest-profile French-Canadian on the team, I felt that his goal song should be by a Quebec artist, and therefore I chose one of my favourites from La Belle Province to keep the crowd pumped.

Alexander Semin

Redemption needed to the be theme for this Russian sniper. He was maligned in Washington and vilified in Carolina. In Montreal now he hopes he has found a place where he can finally allow his talent to flourish, and, ultimately, somewhere where he belongs.

Alexei Emelin

He is not a scorer. He is a hitter. If you cross the middle of the ice with your head down, you will probably find yourself down on your back, looking up at the lights, and wondering what happened to you. The chosen goal song needed to represent exactly that style of play.

Dale Weise

Unwanted in Vancouver, he was given a new lease on life in Montreal, and knows that his role on the team will only be there as long as he keeps playing his heart out. He's been given a unique opportunity and he will do absolutely anything to earn his spot.

Zack Kassian

Very talented but battling demons. His song must encompass both those traits, and one song came immediately to mind. Hopefully he's able to successfully get his life back in order and then return to the Montreal Canadiens in game shape and great spirits, ready to walk the good path again.

P.K. Subban

Frankly, his ideal goal song was already chosen a while ago in the following amazing fan made video. It has the correct mix of cockiness and confidence, along with the abundant swagger that makes him loved in Montreal and loathed everywhere else in the League. He is the man and he knows it.

Do you have any suggestions for goal songs? If so let us know in the comments below.