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Canadiens vs Red Wings Top Six Minutes: Undefeated

The Detroit Red Wings rolled into town, trying to stop Montreal's winning streak but Price and company had other plans.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.

The Red Wings are a really good team, who are led by some the best Swedes to ever play the game. Sweden also happens to be the country that gave us Mats Naslund, Jacob De La Rose, Lukas Vejdemo and Zeb, and that makes it even more difficult have a Don Cherry-esque loathing for this team. Also, David Price just blew it for the Toronto Blue Jays. It's an ominous sign. Hopefully Carey Price doesn't have a similar game. #superstitious


  • The Habs are facing off against an original six rival in their sixth game. Would you look at that?
  • Let's be real...there's no rivalry between the Red Wings and the Habs. They lack the Lucic-ian villain necessary to spice up any rivalry.
  • All the referees in today's game are from Quebec. Let the conspiracy theories begin, Ron MacLean!
  • There is so much red on the ice today.

First Period:

  • The Red Wings should thank their lucky stars, that Alexei Emelin missed his target. Judging by sound alone, that hit would have absolutely demolished the Red Wing on the receiving end.
  • Mike Green is wearing a Red Wings jersey. It's so weird.
  • Brian Flynn has been drawing a lot of abuse this season. Poor guy just got boarded.
  • Time for a power play! (*weeps*)
  • Galchenyuk with the glorious chance which would have been most glorious, had he actually put the puck in the net.
  • Play-by-play announcer, do me a favour and stop calling it a man advantage. You clearly do not understand how terrible Montreal's power play is.
  • Flynn was boarded by the way, not boared (no animals were hurt during this hockey game).
  • Semin was sent to the sin bin for slashing. He may have actually done Montreal a favour.
  • Montreal's penalty kill generated more scoring chances then their power play because Montreal. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Another power play for Montreal! Here we go again. (*sobs*)
  • Why did that not go in?!?!?! WHY????? Please tell us the error of our ways, power play gods!!!!!
  • But look at Galchenyuk go! Kid just stick handled his way through the entire Red Wings' roster.
  • So this is what clean, fun, exciting hockey feels like.
  • It is okay Nyquist, you aren't the first player to having your soul shattered by Price.
  • The last 30 seconds of the period may just be the slowest it's been this entire period.
  • The game is tied at zero, heading into the second.

Second Period:

  • Carey Price is chasing Ken Dryden's records. Let that sink in.
  • One does not simply deny Max Pacioretty...unless your Peter Mrazek apparently. Seriously though, Mrazek is putting on his best Hasek impression at the moment.
  • Crud, Dylan Larkin happened. Cue all the Yzerman comparisons.
  • Powerplay time! (*time to sombrely wait for two minutes to run out*)
  • Brendan Gallagher turned into a human bowling ball and took out Peter Mrazek but put the puck in the net in the process.
  • Its time to play, Goal or No Goal! With you hosts, four referees and the control room in Toronto.
  • It's probably not a goal.
  • Only Brendan Gallagher could have scored this goal, in typical Gallagherian fashion.
  • Also, Quicy should reconsider suiting up against the Habs. Nothing ever goes right for the poor dude, when he plays the Canadiens.
  • Goalposts ruin everything.
  • The Flash was sent off for tripping. Detroit is on the powerplay.
  • Lars Eller was a one-man penalty killing unit for the Habs, single handily killing off a quarter of that power play.
  • Torrey Mitchell will put Detroit Red Wings back on the power play, after getting penalized for boarding.
  • Price's clearing attempt takes a weird pass, bounce and ricochet to come back to him.
  • Thankfully, Detroit's power play is as lethal as Montreal's so far.
  • The game is tied at one, heading into the third.

Third Period:

  • Excuse you Mike Green, stop trying to decapitate Carey Price.
  • A Red Wing got sent air born, after taking a hip-check from Emelin. You do you, Emelin!
  • DD hauled down, power play Montreal. (*time to take a bathroom break*)
  • "The Red Wings will now need to put 2 past Carey Price to win." Good point announcer dude.
  • Dylan, stop. Larkin takes a penalty and the Habs are back on the power play (*time to mull over the meaning of life*).
  • Shots are 32-19 for Montreal. 32 TO 19! Alright, fess up...which one of you guys voodoo'd Michel Therrien?
  • Did I say good, clean hockey at the beginning of this TSM? I'm sorry, ignore the clean part.
  • THE CZECH ASSASSIN STRIKES!!! Tomas Plekanec scored off of a turnover and Mrazek finally looks fallible.
  • Shots are 18-3 in favour on Montreal in the third period. Keep in mind, Montreal came into the third tied with Detroit. This. Is. INCREDIBLE.
  • And Flynn with a buzzer beating empty netter to seal the win!