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Martin Reway picks up another pair of assists

Martin Reway leads the Czech league in assists, and he just keeps adding to that lead.

Martin Reway, like the Montreal Canadiens, is having a great start to the season. The HC Sparta Praha forward has posted five goals and ten assists for 15 points through 12 games. Keep in mind that the 20-year-old is doing this in a professional league, and has been since last season, when he also finished at over a point per game.

He was at it again last night against Dynamo Pardubice, where he added two more assists to his lead in the Czech Extraliga.The first came through a quick move on the power play, again showcasing his vision and sharp hands.

Whereas the second comes on a rush late in the game, setting up Hamilton for a tip in.

While everyone is quick to point out that the Czech Extraliga is a weaker league, one thing is blatantly clear about Martin Reway: he knows how to distribute the puck, and he has talent to spare.