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Obrand Standard Time: Habs vs Bruins

Thoughts and humourous quips on yesterday's big win versus the Bruins

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

The Habs beats the hockey team formerly known as the Bruins 4-2 in Boston last night. Here my thoughts on the game a day late:

On the early Canadiens powerplay goal

Sweet Fancy Moses what a play. Before the Bruins could try to target which players they were going to cheapshot the puck was in the net. One of my favourite things in hockey is when a player tries to rough up his opponent after a goal against. "oh crap I really sucked there, I'm going to cross check/elbow/punch the goal scorer in the face because he made me look bad."

On the Boston Bruins in general

Do Bruins fans think the Bruins are in UFC? They only get excited when people start shoving.

I totally forgot Brad Marchand existed because I thought that he was busy teaching teenage turtles ninjutsu in the New York sewer system.

Goal is scored. It doesn't count because Price was bumped. The ref said so immediately. Julien didn't believe the ref. The ref checked video replays from several angles. Price was indeed bumped. Julien still doesn't believe it. When he gets fired he'd be a great defense attorney.

More shoving after the whistle. It's when TD Garden is at its loudest.

On Andrei Markov being old

What a diving play by Markov to take away the passing lane on that 2 on 1. I'm going to assume it was a fantastic defensive play and not both of his legs giving out on him at the perfect time.

On Price's save on Pastrnak

Disclaimer: I watched the save about 5 times so here are about 5 reactions:

David Pastrnak should just quit hockey right now. You can't come back from that.

It's OK  Pastrnak, I've seen better players than you get stoned in more desperate situations.

Pastrnak is now part of Carey Price's highlight reel. FOREVER

When Pastrnak was backpacking through the Estonian countryside he met a gypsy that foretold of that save.

Taking that save out for dinner isn't enough. I want to lock eyes with that save from across a crowded room, slowly work up the courage to go over and talk to it, hit it off after finding out we have a lot in common (maybe bonding over our shared love of Jumanji), ask it out on a date, go on that date, have a great time on that date, go on several more dates, date for 2ish years, move in together, go to Peru and maybe Japan or something, get engaged, get married, have a few kids and grow old with that save.

That save is the love of my life.

On the SEGA line (Eller-Galchenyuk-Semin)

In the comments section, tell me how many of you went "SHOOOOT....what? YEEEESS!" when Semin had the puck wide open in the slot and opted to pass it to Eller instead of rip it.

SEGA does it again. You don't defend against the SEGA line. You just strap yourself in AND FEEL THE Gs.

On Carey Price

I heard about this yoga studio in Montreal that plays Price interviews to set the tone.

With that shot attempt Price has a better CF% than half the Bruins roster.