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Canadiens vs Bruins Top Six Minutes: The streak vs Boston continues

Bruins' lack of discipline results in tons of man-advantage time for the Habs ... but they didn't even need it.

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For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.

It's game two of an 82-game marathon already but, if we're being honest, it still sort of feels like the Canadiens haven't yet begun. First game in Toronto, new coach or no, didn't have a big feel at all. Tonight, the Bruins, in Boston. No Chara. No Lucic. No the other guy, what's his name? Say all you want about the logo on the front ... the rivalry doesn't feel quite as exciting. Maybe I'll be proven wrong. At least Marchand is still there.

That said, you got me for the next three hours (or minutes, really), and let's hope the Canadiens continue their B's humiliation streak. Looking forward to watching P.K. Subban be his Bruins-killing self, and maybe Dale Weise will give us some fun tonight too. But know this: my personal top-six minutes streak of Habs' wins is kinda bad, so no promises!

First period:

  • Oh. Garry Galley. Thought I picked the Canadiens' broadcast, ha ha ha, am I right.
  • Claude Julien's faces are the best.
  • Powerplay time!
  • Powerplay goal! David Desharnais, who's been top-notch all season, from Markov. Desharnais was actually a bit of a Gallagher right there. 1-0, good guys.
  • Now on to a Bruins' powerplay, I didn't catch what pissed Weise off so much there?
  • Weise gets a stick to the neck, and the ensuing Habs' powerplay is really super bad.
  • What do you guys think of the Habs' new all-white caps? I like them.
  • Looks like DSP is taking a page out of Gallagher's book too these days. Be happy, Habs nation.
  • A little 4-on-4 action against a team that visibly DETESTS the Canadiens.
  • Carey. F***ing. Price. There's literally nothing left to say about him. He's Carey Price.
  • The thing about hating the Habs so much is you take lots and lots of penalties. Krug to the box this time.
  • Marchand is sure trying tonight. Nice little effort there after slew-footing Subban.
  • Four Bruins penalties, and it's just 1-0 for the Habs. Comments are going to be fun tonight!

Second period:

  • People have been talking a lot about Pleks. Something he's very used to. He's having a good night so far.
  • Lars Eller! Not often you see Eller smile. He's smiling! 2-0 Habs.
  • Galchenyuk picks up his second assist of the night, too.
  • Know who looks really bad? The Bruins. It's the second period, the period the Habs usually take off. No bueno en general.
  • Bruins' goal, not so fast, ha ha ha. I was horrified for a split second there that Carey was uncharacteristically pissed at his own man (actually it was at Bergeron who interfered with him), because if he were, I would never be able to trust anything in the universe ever again. It's not a good feeling, folks.
  • Claude Julien challenges, Claude Julien loses.
  • Lars. F***ing Eller. 3-0, Habs.
  • I know I said I wouldn't be excited but this is fun, Habs fans, right?
  • Chucky with three assists.
  • The Habs are having fun tonight too. Hope they keep this up for the third.
  • And right as I type that, the Bruins get on the board. Lucky goal.
  • The dreaded two-goal lead, guys.
  • Although - that goal seems to have given the Habs an extra shot in the arm, and not the other way around.
  • I'm not going to pick up on any funny turns of phrase involving Semin, because they're too easy - but reserve the right if they're absolutely irresistible. Okay?
  • Captain Patch has to get one tonight. Has had some great chances.
  • Talbot's sure jawing a lot at Beaulieu. Shades of Richards/Subban.
  • Welp, we're going into the third with heated emotions from the home team. The home team is the Bruins. Should be interesting.

Third period:

  • Marchand starts the third with his first (correct me if I'm wrong) dive of the season.
  • Eller looking for the hatty ... I know it's only game two of the season but looks like it's gonna be a good one for him.
  • That whole line. That whole line. I'm so glad it's lasted six whole periods.
  • Flynn, so much with the almosts this game!
  • Another powerplay coming right up for the good guys.
  • Buh-bye, Spooner. Dumbass.
  • Five minutes. Five minutes, guys!
  • Krug tried a shortie. He's the one who figured out Price like, a really long time ago, right? Heh. Right.
  • So the powerplay hasn't looked very good this time, but the good news is there is still three minutes on it.
  • Brad Marchand takes a penalty during a Habs' powerplay and you can't be surprised.
  • Michel Therrien takes a time out. And has nothing to say. Rest up, boys.
  • Nearly six consecutive powerplay minutes and no goal for the Habs.
  • Dale Weise wants one SO BAD.
  • Another powerplay! I have a feeling the Habs will need redemption during a game where they're winning by two goals in the third, so I hope something happens here.
  • Actually you know who can't score? Marchand.
  • No goals on all that man-advantage time. At least they got lots of practice.
  • Something happened to Marchand - what?
  • Three minutes left and these Bruins don't look at all like a team who can tie it up.
  • Two minutes.
  • Pleks! 4-1. What do you think - Habs win?
  • Habs win. Enjoy your evening
  • Spoke too soon. Bruins being Bruins. Sort of stupid. Rinaldo and Talbot. What have they got against Flynn, god sakes?
  • Anyway. Maybe even though Habs fans are missing making fun of Lucic, we might have someone else to look forward to here.
  • Bergeron scores but the game's over anyway.
  • Bon soir!

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