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Wear your Canadiens colours with Eyes on the Prize apparel

EOTP has created its very own apparel store, so now you can wear the colours of the team you love, and the site that covers them in cool new designs.

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In case you've missed our little teases around the site, here is the official launch of the new Eyes on the Prize apparel store, selling Montreal Canadiens related gear that you can't find anywhere else. The store that will house each new design as it debuts will be in the library section of EOTP, accessible from the front page at all times; you can find it like this:


Right now only one design is available, our new "License to Snipe" shirt [Which you can find right here] featuring the numbers of P.K. Subban and Andrei Markov, the best defense pairing we've seen around these parts in decades. You can get that design in a variety of different styles, from tank tops to hoodies, and in red or white. Prices range from $18-45 for each item.

We'll be debuting new designs as often as possible, but this is a great way to support us if you like the site.