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Canadiens vs Lightning Top Six Minutes: Maybe Tampa's just better?

For the second straight time between these two teams, the Lightning just straight up outclassed the Canadiens.

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  • Quebec native Jonathan Drouin is going to play his first game in the Bell Centre. That's not ominous at all.
  • Steve Stamkos isn't the current scoring leader on Tampa Bay, which is completely insane when you think about it for more than 1/15th of a second.
  • Carey Price is going to be awarded the Molson Cup once again, rumours suggest it will be renamed the Carey Price Cup in the near future (E4)
  • I would like the Habs to finally tune up Bishop.

First Period:

  • Points in two consecutive games is not exactly a 'streak' there Sportsnet.
  • Early PP!
  • ARGH,  nevermind.
  • The next great chance on the power play belongs to the opposing team, everyone drink.
  • Tampa's power play is struggling? Okay now that's a jinx.
  • 5-on-3, I hope Carey is feeling limber.
  • Penalties killed, but this game will be weird if they actually call it that tightly the whole way through.
  • Subban fouled and the penalty is called, if the same happens to Gallagher later, a unicorn will deliver you a pizza free of charge.
  • Took 13 minutes to get a shot on goal, Galchenyuk with a nice move but alas, denied.
  • Desharnais with the next great chance, but unfortunately Bishop is sharp tonight.
  • Or maybe not that sharp! Weise tips a Plekanec shot and the Habs have a 1-0 lead!
  • Galchenyuk's line generates what, 50% of the team's scoring chances in a game?
  • Gonchar hits the ref, Gallagher is surely envious.
  • Gamecenter Live is running as smoothly as the Edmonton Oilers.

Second Period:

  • I'm in a very small minority here (what else is new) but really don't like this "Dutch Gretzky" thing around Weise.
  • Callahan being called the heartbeat of the Lightning is weird.
  • Nice setup to Prust by Desharnais, he's been great since switching to the wing.
  • Gallagher almost got a breakaway while forcing the puck off of Stamkos. Remains awesome at everything.
  • EFF! JT Brown ties it up. "Crease clearer" Emelin is feckless in his attempt to do so.
  • I say this a lot, but pretty surprised Galchenyuk's line hasn't scored yet.
  • Weise wondered what it was like to hug a goalie.
  • Cheap shot on Markov by Connolly and PK is the only guy going off? Come on.
  • A Bruin would have been called a hero for doing that. Bullshit.
  • Go to hell refs. 2-1 Tampa.
  • Habs zone exit strategy is leading to nothing, again.
  • Gonchar age reference by Sportsnet, I'd say his play tonight is doing that for him.
  • What kind of line change was that? 3-1 Tampa, this is getting out of reach with how they are playing.
  • Beaulieu off for delay of game. I'm honestly surprised they don't get tagged for that call more often with how the system is based on clearing along the boards/glass.
  • I'd rather Eller have his stick versus Emelin, there's a chance Lars might actually do something positive with it.
  • And this one's out of reach, 4-1 Tampa in a dogpile around Price. Tokarski in the 3rd?

Third Period:

  • Tampa has become one of the teams that can strangle Montreal. Their attack neutralizes Montreal's weak breakout pattern and unlike the playoffs, they don't have a slow-moving defensive group the Habs can cut apart to even things out.
  • This team is not looking like they will storm back in this period.
  • Almost a breakaway for Pleks, but no dice.
  • PACIORETTY!!!! Maybe there is some hope to this period. 4-2 Tampa. Nice pass by Gallagher.
  • Pacioretty in the box now, yikes.
  • Weise held up on the kill with no call. Of course. Wouldn't want to call an even game or anything.
  • Habs survive the penalty, hope remains,
  • Almost a chance for Gallagher!
  • Sportsnet twisting themselves into a Gordian knot trying to invent a Tampa-Montreal rivalry.
  • Nathan Beaulieu's skating is one of the few things worth watching tonight.
  • *Ahem* Mr. Sustr, that's holding.
  • Pulling the goalie for a 6-on-4? A Good move by Therrien (See? I can praise him!)
  • The offensive pressure coming a little late here, but at least they aren't throwing in the towel.
  • Timeout Montreal, Therrien wants to make sure someone recorded The Mindy Project.
  • Desharnais called for hooking, that's the end of all hope for the evening.
  • Winning streak snapped, nothing last forever. Habs also go to 4-1-0 this season when I do the Top Six Minutes.


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EOTP Three Stars

1. Well done sir, Well done.

Well Done sir

2. Tell me you wouldn't watch "Coach Swap" over Road to the Winter Classic.

A good idea

3. My primary point of jealousy with Marc is he's consistently funnier than I am.

Marc is right