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Canadiens vs Penguins Top Six Minutes: A solid win over a solid team

It was just what the doctor ordered. Montreal came to play, and took home two points against one of the best teams in the league.

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports
  • I'm surprised the Penguins didn't ask for a moment of silence, as to honour the sacrifice made by Rob Klinkhammer this week.
1st period
  • Max Pacioretty scores for the Habs, after they spent three straight minutes defending in their own zone. Hockey!
  • Did Brendan Gallagher get away with goalie interference? He should probably buy a lottery ticket tonight.
  • Do the Habs defend the lead at this point, or defend against the mumps? Both decisions have their merit. Stay tuned.
  • The guys on TVA keep saying "Crosby rust!" I'm not sure what that means, but if there was a player composed entirely of Crosby rust, I would blindly give him a spot in my top six.
  • David Desharnais' shot is so damn underrated. One of the best aspects of the recent divorce is that Desharnais has no choice but to shoot a lot more.
  • David Perron is already paying dividends, and all eyes will be on him, but the pass Sidney Crosby just served him is the type of thing you would put in the Smithsonian.
  • Oh, the mumps managed to get rid of Steve Downie? Good for them.
2nd period
  • Where was Downie on that play? Not covering Tom Gilbert, that's for sure. Maybe he was hypnotized by Price's great save beforehand. Maybe he was just plotting to kick some puppies after the game. Nobody knows. What we do know is that Downie is a smelly pirate hooker.
  • Ah yes, the good ole GallagherCam is getting a lot of work tonight.
  • Lars Eller's line just kept Crosby hemmed in his own zone for about 2 minutes. I guess Eller really is the new Plekanec.
  • What Steve Downie thinks he looks like / What Steve Downie actually looks like
  • cat panther
  • An Emelin, a Weise and a Malhotra go on a 3 vs 1...(punchline is optional, choose your own adventure)
3rd period
  • Does Fleury go out of his way to look behind him after every shot? Or is that just bad habits dying hard?
  • Rust just hit the iron. That's...supposed to be an easy joke, but I have nothing.
  • Michel Therrien just took a very smart timeout. Credit where credit is due, he's really come along when it comes to using up his valuable timeouts.
  • I'm not sure why, but anytime I hear the name Beau, I assume the person grew up with their very own horse stable.
  • For all his downfalls, you can't say Des Louise doesn't try. The guy is clearly out of his element whenever he's not on the 4th line, but in the proper role he's a great asset.
  • Great shot by Subba...wait, who was that? Emelin? I'm definitely buying a lottery ticket tonight.
  • I'll have to watch the game again, as I always do for Habs games, but that, my friends, looked like a solid win over one of the best teams in the league.
  • Price doesn't mind an occasional snow shower here and there. It's no big deal, since the guy showers in his opponents' tears almost every night.

EOTP 3 Stars

Honourable mention to Zeb, who gave me an open invite to crash at his place next time I'm in London to watch the Gunners. You all saw it.


3. We're all playing second fiddle to Carey Price. The quicker we admit it, the quicker we can move on.

2. It's...GENIUS!
star dd

1. Well, that was just a perfect set up. Teddy Mac deserves some credit too!