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Canadiens vs Rangers Top Six Minutes: Carey Price is Lights Out in New York

It took 56 minutes, but Max Pacioretty finally ended the scoreless tie with a harmless shot using Ryan McDonagh as a screen. Carey Price outlasted King Henrik to earn his third shutout of the season.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images
  • If you could acquire any one player before the NHL Trade Deadline, who would it be?
  • Safe it say it won't be Martin Brodeur.
  • When Weise, Prust and Thomas are three of your four RWs, you know a trade is coming.

1st Period

  • Bournival's wheels have been limited by injuries this season. If he gets going again, look out.
  • The Beaulieu - Gonchar pairing doesn't get enough praise. They've been quietly efficient.
  • Emelin - Gilbert on the other hand...
  • The #MalholtraWatch is on. Still hasn't scored his first as a Canadien. His time will come, right?
  • Price makes it look so easy but you can tell he's wondering if it's going to be another barrage.
  • I'll give the Habs and Rangers this, they sure know how to move a puck up and down the ice. Too bad neither team seems interested in putting it in the net.
  • Subban and Kreider had a dance behind the play. No replay, thanks SN.
  • 4-on-4 play so you know Pacioretty and Plekanec will be free of Weise.
  • Kreider and PK step out of the box and Kreider drops the gloves. PK? PK smiles.
  • Habs PP coming up with Kreider hot in the box.
  • WAIT WHAT. How Subban get a penalty too? Maybe we shouldn't be surprised.
  • Carey Price doing Carey Price things.
  • These teams don't like each other.
  • If Prust fights Kreider tonight, my night will be made.
  • Weise misses a gaping net.
  • No Prust. I said Kreider. Not Glass! Sigh.
  • Ohhh Boy! Replay shows Subban would have dropped 'em with Kreider. It's not over, folks!
  • Reviewing the Weise shot, it crosses the line but not completely. Lucky Lundqvist.

2nd Period

  • Upon further review, the NHL needs to fix these close calls. Install a cameras in the crossbar if you have to.
  • We'd all love to see Subban sock Kreider, but it'd be a bad trade off. The more Subban's on the ice, the better.
  • Habs start the second period shorthanded. Don't even ask my why.
  • Beaulieu runs into Rick Nash and topples like a dandelion.
  • Nash gets two for interference. These refs, I tell ya.
  • Fun Fact: When Pacioretty misses the net I whisper his name angrily. Pacioretty.
  • #AlmostMalholtra
  • Eller gets two minutes for finishing his check and being Lars Eller.
  • Martin St. Louis beats Price, but not the bar.

3rd Period

  • This game might have more penalties than the All-Star game had goals.
  • Nash, 28 goals this year, gets a shorthanded breakaway... it's going in, right?
  • Price flexes the poke check.
  • Even the crew is stretching for highlights tonight. Jesper Fast puns and all.
  • Brendan Gallagher gets stood up between the benches and what does he do?
  • He gets the puck back immediately, drives to the slot and gets two shots on net.
  • So Martin St. Louis' shot just tight-roped Price's shoulder. I kid you not.
  • Marc Staal is hunting hobbits.
  • This game is headed to quadruple overtime.
  • MAX PACIORETTY! No more whispers here.
  • 1-0 Habs with 4 minutes to play.
  • Harmless shot, but Pacioretty cleverly uses Ryan McDonagh as a screen.
  • Pacioretty missed, Galchenyuk missed. At this rate, Price will have to take matters into his own mitts.
  • SHUTOUT! We can all say it now.

EOTP 3 Stars

3. My thoughts exactly re: Subban's penalty.

2. Toilet humor. Never fails.

1. It's 2015. We can do better!


How did PK Subban get 2 minutes for this?

You be the judge: Is it a goal?

Price is superhuman: