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Canadiens vs Stars Top Six Minutes: In Price we trust

It wasn't pretty, but a win is a win...right?

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For our new readers and members, Top Six Minutes is a brief reactionary overview of the Habs game, and a continuation of the discussion threads usually happens in game threads. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps go up the morning following every game.

1st period
  • Should I be worried that I still giggle every time I hear the name Ryan Garbutt? Or should I be worried when I stop laughing at the name?
  • Sergei Gonchar just saved a goal, albeit unwittingly, I think that means the Habs officially won the Moen trade, right?
  • That goal went EXACTLY how Emelin planned. Off a butt, two sticks and behind Lehtonen. Success.
  • Now it's Emelin's turn to save a goal. Psssst, Mr.Bergevin, his stock will never be higher, get on the phones. Just don't show them the part of the footage where Emelin gave the puck away in the first place.
  • That goal by Alex Galchenyuk was so sexy that now I'm feeling very nervous about asking him to prom.
  • Well, I'm not sure what else to say about the Dallas goal at the end of the period. Seems like a whole lot of shenanigans to me, but then again the Habs are probably lucky to be up 2-1 considering Dallas controlled the 5 vs 5 play.
  • Also, despite how it went down, that was a hell of a setup/shot by the Stars. I love seeing set plays work out, although not necessarily against the Habs.
2nd period
  • Garbutt! hehe
  • Brendan Gallagher you magnificent bastard. The smallest power forward in the history of the league!
  • Well, you're an idiot Alexei Emelin, that hit was bad. We tried to make it work, but this relationship just isn't working out. However tonight will forever be known as 'The night the giggling ended.'
  • Breaking News: Tyler Seguin is really good at hockey. He may even become a top player one day, much to Boston's dismay.
  • Usually a two goal advantage is more than enough for Price to work with, but tonight that might not be the case.
  • Wait, didn't we already see this last second set play? Damn Dallas, your set plays are scary.  At least Therrien learned his lesson, and put Plekanec out there with Malhotra. "Fool me once..."
3rd period

  • Sergei Gonchar just hit someone! I'm sure Penguins fans will be happy to hear it.
  • How many open nets are the Stars going to miss? By my count it's roughly 45 tonight, so far.
  • Shush now Lindy Ruff, that was a clear penalty on Goligoski, who was channeling his inner Kreider.
  • I'll say this again: Dale Weise is not a top line player. He tanks the first line whenever he plays on it. Trying to 'balance the lineup' whilst sacrificing your first line is insane. He's a very good fourth liner, and excels in that role. (Of course, now Weise will score in the next few minutes)
  • Remember when Subban wouldn't get used on the penalty kill? Good times. Well, they were times. Definitely times of some sort.
  • Once again it was Price to the rescue, but at this point I suppose it's best to just sit back and enjoy the ride. It's not as if Montreal is going to magically become a good possession team under Therrien, so their best bet is to hope Price beats all the odds. If anyone can do it, it's Price.

EOTP 3 Stars

3.  It's worth a shot.


2.  Emelin's family gets to live...for now.
putin star

1.  This man speaks the truth.
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