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Canadiens coach Michel Therrien is Michael Scott

I just blew your mind. That's what she said.

Elsa/Getty Images

If you followed the Montreal Canadiens from 2000-2003, and then again from 2012-present, then you know that Michel Therrien has a ... unique coaching style. The majority of Habs fans and media are constantly perplexed by the decisions that Therrien makes, and who could really blame them? Dale Weise on the top line? Why not? Douglas Murray for 53 games? Hello sailor! Bench talented rookies for over-the-hill veterans even though those rookies are way better and would help the team that he coaches win? Yahtzee!

Personally, I have come to look at Michel Therrien as less of a head coach of an NHL team and more of a comedy character. He's an out-of-touch authority figure with a heart of gold who thinks he's hilarious, gets on everyone's nerves and puts his employees in awkward situations. Despite all of these shortcomings, he still somehow manages to wind up on top.

Much like the former Regional Manager of Dunder Mifflin, Scranton branch: Michael Scott. Oh, and Therrien coached for the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton hockey team.

The comparisons are endless and uncanny and to prove it to you, here are a bunch of Michael Scott quotes that can directly apply to Michel Therrien's life, career, mantra, and existence.

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On U-20 Team USA captain, Jack Eichel

On Montreal's strict media policies

On his current tenure as the Head Coach of the Montreal Canadiens

On seeing the sights in New York

On his mentoring abilities

On being underestimated as head coach

On losing players to the KHL

On system changes

On being outcoached

On cutting Francis Bouillon

On authority

On pre-game rituals

And finally, on an aggressive forecheck

This article is obviously in jest, as you can see by the category it's placed in at the top of the page. We don't actually believe Therrien is the complete buffoon Michael Scott is.