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Canadiens vs Predators Top Six Minutes: Subban plays Hero in OT

P.K. Subban dazzled throughout the night and capped off the Habs win with a powerplay goal in overtime.

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Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images
  • Let's see what Max Pacioretty has to say about the Predators' league-best 102 goals against.
  • Carey Price is back which is good because he's healthy. Chances are we'll see him flashing the glove on the NHL's top talent during the All-Star weekend.
  • Habs seeking their first regulation win versus Nashville in six years.

1st Period

  • Price looks alright as he stones Mike Fisher.
  • I feel sorry for fans that picked Malholtra for the #1stHabsGoal draw at any point this season.
  • Forsberg is cool in my books because his name is Forsberg. Big skates to fill, but he's started on the right foot...
  • Matt Cullen's still in the NHL?
  • I'm as big an Eller fan as anyone, but it feels like forever since he's contributed offensively.
  • I would have scratched Price tonight just to avoid any Shea Weber slapshots.
  • Colin Wilson is a bigger Brendan Gallagher, right?
  • Speaking of slapshots... Markov just took a puck to the mouth. He's okay.
  • Alex Galchenyuk's backcheck just nullified a 3-on-1. Even Therrien must be smiling.

2nd Period

  • Forsberg just wore Subban and Markov as a parachute on a breakaway. Markov gets two for hooking.
  • If you had to pick one player you never want to see on a partial breakaway, Emelin is like top 2, right?
  • Eller just high-sticked Jokinen. Wait... what?
  • Never in my life have I seen the referees reverse a penalty call. But it just happened.
  • Biggest joke of that non-penalty was that not only was it a puck that hit Jokinen in the face, but he subtly threw an elbow at Eller's jaw. If anyone earned a penalty...
  • This game is going to end 1-0 in a shootout, isn't it?
  • My apologies. Nashville quickly makes it 1-0.
  • Price wanted nothing to do with Desharnais' stick on that goal. Sigh.
  • Seth Jones loves to play against the Habs, eh?
  • You don't even want to know the shot count right now.

3rd Period

  • Thought Subban was going to the box, but he actually draws a penalty!
  • Subban pings one off the post. So close.
  • There is is! GALCHEN-YA-BABY!
  • P.K. set that powerplay goal up perfectly with a precision snap pass that Galchenyuk tipped in.
  • Montreal continues to prove why they're one of the best third period teams in the league.
  • Game takes an unplanned pause so the ice crew can repair some broken glass behind the Canadiens net.
  • Why is there a forklift on the ice to repair a broken pane of glass!? Only in Montreal.
  • Lots of back and forth play after the forklift's cameo, but we're headed to overtime!


  • Pacioretty with one hand on his stick... doesn't come close.
  • Subban wide open in the slot with the game on his stick... misses the net.
  • Habs on the powerplay...
  • Hutton has matched Price tonight.
  • Price should just carry the puck up and make this a respectable 5-on-3.
  • SUBBAN!!! 2-1 Habs  win in overtime.


PK Magic

Galchenyuk sends Subban's snap pass home