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Canadiens vs Devils Top Six Minutes: A Bournival kind of night

For a guy who's had a rough year, a night like tonight was exactly what the doctor ordered for Michael Bournival.

Al Bello/Getty Images

Full disclosure: I missed the first period. So I'm just going to invent some things that are vague enough to work during most Habs games. Let me know how many I got wrong.

1st period

  • Great way to start the game, with an icing! Typical Habs.
  • Good thing Carey Price is in nets, or it would be 2-0 Devils right now.
  • If Montreal's powerplay got any worse, it will receive international humanitarian aid from the United Nations.
  • Oh man, what brutal giveaway by Alexei Emelin. What he did on the ice just now is indicative of a low hockey IQ. Gross!
  • Did you see what P.K. Subban just did? I can't explain it with words, you really had to see it, but I can guarantee you that it was amazing. Look it up on youtube later tonight.
  • There's the Brendan Gallagher shit-eating grin we all know and love!
  • Stop me if you're heard this one before.  Max Pacioretty and Tomas Plekanec had the Habs' best scoring chance, while playing on the penalty kill.
  • What a bullshit penalty. NHL referees are the worst. Am I right? (that one was easy)
  • If Galchenyuk continues to dangle his way through defenders, broken ankles will take over from the mumps as the NHL's biggest health concern.
  • So close! It's a shame that shot hit the...crossbar? (I want to say post, but that's too easy)

So? How did I do? I know I got at least one right.

2nd period

  • Poor little bored girl. There will be much more of this in your future. Welcome to your New Jersey Devils years.
  • P.A. Parenteau reminds me of Max Pacioretty. Minus the shot. And the passing. And the speed. Ok, they're both hockey players.
  • WAIT. Is Scott Gomez the Devils' first line centre? And they fired their coach, eh?
  • I thought Des Louise scored that, but it was Michael Bournival's goal. Good for him, he's had a tough year.
  • Speaking of Des Louise, he's so much better in a fourth line role. Remember when he was playing on the first line? No? In that case, I'm sorry for bringing up a traumatic event.
  • 2015 Jiri Sekac is a lot like 2014 Jiri Sekac, in that they're both sexy players.
  • I feel like Michel Therrien doesn't use Sven Andrighetto enough. He certainly doesn't use him enough to quench my thirst for yelling out ANDRIGHETTTOOOOOOOOOOOO.
  • A powerplay goal on the road? Prepare the nets ladies and gentlemen, the flying pigs are incoming. TONIGHT WE FEAST!
3rd period

  • 2015 is coming up all Bournival!
  • Alexei Emelin is a ruiner of things. So is Michael Ryder.
  • Try one, they're delicious. Emelins' turnovers can't be beat!

  • The good news is that Montreal only has Emelin on the books for another...The good news is that alcohol is readily available to most Habs fans.
  • Of course Cammalleri scored. He's just paving the way for Zubrus & Gomez goals later in the third.
  • 4-2. That's all she wrote.
  • Carey Price's 200th win wasn't the busiest in his career, which is fitting. For once he didn't have to save the day...too much.

EOTP 3 Stars:

3. How did he know?!?!


2.  Good job you two, but you only get to split one star. I don't care how you decide, but I suggest a badger tossing competition.

1. That's the dream, isn't it?

Des Louise! (Was actually Bournival's goal despite Pierre Houde's jubilant Des Louise reaction )