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Canadiens vs Islanders Top Six Minutes: Shoulda been a touchdown but we'll take it

The Isles came in to Montreal for some revenge after Christmas Eve eve, but the new-look Habs weren't having it.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

It's another match against the now first-in-the-east Isles, Jaroslav Halak is finally back in Montreal, Carey Price is injured and Michel Therrien has shuffled his player deck (and exploding heads on Twitter) again after a craptastic performance against the Ottawa Senators. Buckle up, boys and girls!

First period:

  • Well, well. Our first poweplay less than a minute in!
  • First Gallagher no-goal of the game. Less than two minutes in!
  • Um, these Sportsnet commentators are kind of a gigantic snooze, no offence. I mean, that probably comes off as offensive.
  • Powerplay goal! P.K. Subban with the one-timer. Also less than two minutes in. I'm already ready to declare this their best first period since ... um, May? 1-0!
  • Prust and Martin fighting and getting nothing but air. Martin trying to fire up his team. Oh, Prust got a haircut! You guys, it's only at 17:41 so far!
  • Tokarski with his first nice save, on Tavares. Momentum, boys!
  • The Islanders coach is very unpolished. You're wearing a jacket and tie, would it kill you to shave?
  • Oh my god these commentators. Putting me to sleep. Yes, offence.
  • Tokarski with another dandy against Tavares. All good at the Bell Centre, folks.
  • Say what you will about Weise on the first line, it sure looks like Patch likes him there.
  • The little one behind the unkempt visitor coach is very adorable. I bet he will grow up to be clean shaven.
  • I'm not privy to any numbers but to my naked eye it looks like they're thwarting a lot of Islanders' opportunities and also spending a lot of time with the puck. (The place to kill me is in the comments)
  • Oh, Pleks how could you! Such a chance. Also, not so much with the dump and chase this game, eh?
  • Mr. Nelson, just a word of advice: don't fight Beaulieu. OK, good job.
  • Oh, hello, can someone please screen capture Beaulieu staring into the penalty box camera? Whoa!
  • Isles powerplay: bupkes.
  • Also, Sportsnet guy: it's called Fisherman's Friend.
  • Don Cherry time. Also known as when I take the dog for a poop. Catch you on the flippy flip.

Second period:

  • Welp, I said Weise would score tonight. I knew it I knew it I knew it. This is one guy who for sure reads/watches/listens to all the criticism against him then TURNS IT ON.
  • By the way, that makes it 2-0, good guys.
  • Yes please, get that camera away from Healy.
  • Not to harp on these guys with the call, but were they borrowed from the golf channel - I can't. Okay. No more complaints.
  • Isles score five seconds after an unproductive Habs powerplay. Poor Tokarski.
  • Prust with a great shorthanded chaaaaaance!!!! Ping!
  • Christian Thomas gets taken down, gets right back up again, and HELLO! Pleks with the powerplay goal! 3-1!
  • Powerplay is clicking, line changes didn't cause the sky to fall, everybody's happy, right? Right?
  • Okay, last comment tongue in cheek. And Islanders get a breakaway to make it a one-goal game once again.
  • One thing that can be said about Mr. Weise - he doesn't take a shift off.
  • Tight for the rest of the period, shots are even at 22 apiece but the Habs go into the third period with a one-goal lead.

Third period:

  • Breaking: Second-grader Max Pacioretty is rivalling that cute kid behind the Islanders' bench.
  • Aaaaaand the Galchenyuk line scores less than a minute into the third. Happy? Happy!
  • The shots are still even yet Dustin Tokarski has made more saves than Halak. Can this be some kind of closure for those who still say we should have kept Halak? No ill will to Jaro. But it's time to move on, folks.
  • Daviiiiiid Desharnais! Chicken wings! Chicken wings!!
  • 6-2, Pleks. Now I just feel bad for Halak.
  • Anders Lee makes it 6-3. Can the Isles get three goals in five minutes? The way the Habs are playing tonight, I don't think so.
  • I mean, unless the Isles can score on this powerplay, FFS
  • Which they did, Tavares finally gets one, and now a two-goal lead feels like a tie in the magical world of NHL fandom
  • Fisherman's Friend, oh my god!!!
  • 7-4, Habs?
  • Powerplay instead. Here's a word I hate to use but there is no other word: stupid.
  • Final score, 6-4, Habs. I have to go to sleep now, thanks a lot, Sportsnet.
  • Bon soir, tout le monde! Winning streak encore une fois!