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Canadiens vs Senators Top Six Minutes: It was never really close

Losing to Ottawa sucks, but most of the time it's because Ottawa usually has a lot of puck luck playing against Montreal. Tonight, it was just a good ole fashioned dominant performance by the Senators.

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For our new readers and members, Top Six Minutes is a brief reactionary overview of the Habs game, and a continuation of the discussion threads usually happens in game threads. We try to keep it light and entertaining, even when the Habs make it hard. Full recaps/analysis/walks of shame go up the morning after every game.

  • There's no Chris Neil tonight. He's out with an injured hoof or something. That will make the last five minutes of the third period 100% more enjoyable to watch.
  • Dustin Tokarski gets little to no run support. A little over 1 goal per game. Can the Habs do any better tonight? Stay tuned.
1st period
  • It's so strange to hear Subban getting booed at home, isn't it?
  • The Habs allowed the first goal in the game for ONLY the 25th time this year.
  • At least Zibanejad didn't kick it in.
  • Manny Malhotra's slapshot would lose a 50 foot race with a Galapagos tortoise. On ice.
  • There's no doubt Plekanec got his stick in there, but I admire the height MacArthur achieved with his legs, that's good form.
  • Brandon Prust has absolutely no regard for his own health, that much is clear.
  • Max Pacioretty cannot be stopped. You can try to stop him, but just know that he cannot be stopped.
  • Emelin managed to miss the puck three times before the Senators finally scored. I'm not even mad, that's impressive.
  • That was a stinky period. "Eau de Jared Cowen"
2nd period
  • Pacioretty injured?  What time does the liquor store close at anyways?
  • No penalty there, nope!
  • Pacioretty is back! Aaaaaaand Ottawa scores. Damn you Hockey Gods! Why have you forsaken us?
  • Alex Galchenyuk is back on the wing. Michel Therrien's blender is in full swing, and the result is a flaming poop cocktail.
  • Legwand fell quicker than the Leafs at the midway point of any given season, but at least Markov didn't kick and scream the whole way to the penalty box.
  • Tonight Sergei Gonchar looks a lot like a player who was born in the Soviet Union shortly after Nikita Khrushchev's death.
3rd period
  • Question: If they setup a foosball game between Karlsson and Subban during the All-Star game, would it get twice as many viewers as the game, or three times?
  • Let's check up on how Desharnais is doing now that he's back at centre...OH MY GOD. Do yourself a favour and don't look at that.
  • This isn't the most exciting game from a Habs fan point of view. Although the photoshop opportunities are plentiful .
  • Hopefully Pageau is alright, but that was a hell of a defensive play by Nathan Beaulieu. The guys on Sportsnet keep saying Gonchar is teaching Beaulieu how to survive in the NHL, but I think it's actually Beaulieu that's keeping Gonchar above water.
  • P.A. Parenteau just got called for a highstick, but I would like to protest. It was clearly a crosscheck to the face, and not a highstick. Either way, dumb penalty by Parenteau.
  • A pretty poor performance all around by the Canadiens. You'd think they'd want to play better in front of their home fans.
  • Another game with no run support for Tokarski. He better get used to that.
  • 4-1. That's all she wrote. Ottawa was the better team tonight, but tomorrow the Senators will still be the Senators, so take solace Habs fans, it could always be worse.
EOTP 3 Stars

3. For a guy that has 5 career regular season goals, he sure does get a lot of praise.


2. Not bad for a player that's 'too small to succeed in the NHL'


1. Perfect level of snark on this reply. Well played.


Highlight of the night (literally the only highlight for Montreal):