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Canadiens vs Blue Jackets Top Six Minutes: Habs' non-All-Stars rip goals on the powerplay

No seriously. They scored on the Powerplay. Thrice.

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For our new readers and members, Top Six Minutes is a brief overview of the Habs game, and a continuation of the discussion threads usually happens in the comments. We try to keep it light and entertaining, even when the Habs make it hard. Full recaps/analysis/walks of shame go up the morning after every game.

  • Fox Sports Ohio really vamping up their coverage of superstar forward Nick Foligno for reasons that I don't have to get into.
  • Fox Sports Ohio saying they need to focus on Subban. One of the guys says "they might want to hit him tonight" with a little smirk at the camera.

First Period

  • Therrien with his classic "rotate the problem player on the bottom line/pairing to make it seem like he is going to be scratched and then play him anyway" move on Emelin. Will he respond?
  • Hot Take Keys To The Game from Fox Sports Ohio: High Percentage Plays, Ready To Skate, Leaders Lead.
  • The Blue Jackets draw first blood on a goal that would have been called off if Gallagher was the one making the screen.
  • 100% shooting percentage for Columbus. Unsustainable.
  • Jackets crew is SUPER into Bobrovsky but we all are so that's OK.
  • Beaulieu pronunciation: Beuioh
  • The Blue Jackets don't know that they were probably better off letting the Habs take a power play there.
  • Price makes a save. I told you that their shooting percentage was unsustainable.
  • Blue Jackets fans cheering for sustained pressure by their hometown team but is upholding sustained pressure against Emelin and Gilbert really something to cheer about?
  • They feature Gallagher and lead off with his height. Urge to kill rising.
  • The Habs score? Doesn't look like a goal. Either way, that Pacioretty-Plekanec-Gallagher line is killer.
  • No goal, the right call.
  • Habs have had a good first, they controlled play and have momentum. I expect that momentum to lead to a powerplay that will subsequently kill that momentum
  • Speak of the devil.
  • Again I am right in my analysis.

Second Period

  • CBJ fans and Habs fans united in boos as the Habs head back to the PP.
  • Price doesn't look too comfortable. Keep breathing Habs fans.
  • Pacioretty needs to score a hat trick to redeem himself.
  • Habs head to the "power play"
  • Dale Weise on the Power Play eat your heart out John Tortorella.
  • Columbus being saved by their goaltending and opportunistic scoring. Who even does that?
  • Not even Manny Malhotra thought that was going in
  • Sportsnet with a good stat: Out of the 20 zone starts in the period 16 have been in the Columbus zone.
  • Very rare that we see a goalie play as well as the one that the Habs have. Eff you Sergei.
  • Nothing doing for the Habs in the second. Do you think that Blue Jackets fans like this all the time?

Third Period

  • Chance after chance for the Habs but Bobrovsky standing tall, as if it is his job.
  • Desharnais all alone in the slot!.....and he drifts listlessly though it!
  • When was the last time the Habs played this well without a goal? If you answered "never" you've won!
  • This entire game is like a power play for the Habs so it's not a shock that they're not scoring goals.
  • Desharnais with a nice pass to his linemate who shoots to no avail. Not something you see very often.
  • There's your mandatory Subban call. Shorty?
  • Jackets score. They'll win a road game in their own building.
  • Still some time in this game for the Habs to make things incredibly painful for their fans.
  • Alright I am sure you are enjoying this new-found sense of optimism as much as I am.
  • Another Power Play. Columbus is just asking for it.
  • PK Subban you are my hero.
  • PK Subban you are my hero.
  • PK Subban you are my hero.
  • ANOTHER Habs Powerplay.
  • Not once, not twice, but thrice!
  • The silver lining for Blue Jackets fans is that they get to see Nick Foligno captain an all star team. That should be fun for them.
  • Imagine thinking the game is in the bag and then you get scored on 3 times in 4 minutes. Awful feeling. For them. I'm pretty happy about it.
  • I think Price is OK but I'm not a doctor.
  • Two points.
  • Let us celebrate by the adding of chocolate to milk.

Three stars

Three: This pretty much sums it up.

Two: Science



Pacioretty spins and shoots to start the comeback

Subban snipes one to tie the game.