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Half season Canadiens fans' approval ratings for players

After every game this season, you've voted on who has played well and who hasn't. The results tell us a lot about your perceptions of the team.

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Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images

All season we've been asking you to vote on who played well and who didn't after games, and these are the results 41 games in.

Player Up Down % favourable
Alex Galchenyuk 8971 963 90.31%
Carey Price 7880 1002 88.72%
Jiri Sekac 6974 1029 87.14%
Brendan Gallagher 7277 1522 82.70%
Tomas Plekanec 6558 1549 80.89%
Lars Eller 6280 1515 80.56%
Sven Andrighetto 2128 532 80.00%
Michael Bournival 964 250 79.41%
Nathan Beaulieu 4371 1171 78.87%
Max Pacioretty 6862 1892 78.39%
Jarred Tinordi 1721 528 76.52%
Andrei Markov 5643 1939 74.43%
P.K. Subban 6887 2413 74.05%
Dustin Tokarski 1017 438 69.90%
Manny Malhotra 4534 2229 67.04%
P.A. Parenteau 4607 2389 65.85%
Brandon Prust 4939 2583 65.66%
Sergei Gonchar 2985 1594 65.19%
Dale Weise 4432 2626 62.79%
Tom Gilbert 4217 3035 58.15%
Christian Thomas 90 68 56.96%
David Desharnais 4566 3808 54.53%
Mike Weaver 2077 2041 50.44%
Alexei Emelin 3310 3902 45.90%
Drayson Bowman 204 276 42.50%
Michel Therrien 3558 5310 40.12%
Rene Bourque 947 1438 39.71%
Eric Tangradi 407 660 38.14%
Travis Moen 529 1088 32.71%
Bryan Allen 186 930 16.67%

Fan favourites

It's become increasingly obvious that Alex Galchenyuk and Jiri Sekac can do no wrong. Both are having very good seasons, but neither have been carrying the Habs by any real stretch, and even in games where they play poorly, they're always among the highest positively voted players. On Eyes on the Prize at least, these two are fan favourites on this team.

Carey Price

Everyone and their dog has recognized this season that Price has been the MVP of the Habs' season, though even with how well he has played, he's still not the highest voted player. Being a goalie is a tough gig, and even when everyone knows you're the best, sometimes you don't get the benefit of the doubt.

Bergevin moves out the unwanted

Five of the six least liked players have been taken off the team either by sending them to Hamilton or a trade away. The lone remnant in that bottom six of those least approved of? Michel Therrien. Ahem. Oh and Alexei Emelin is right there as well. If you're wondering what the fans think the Habs need to do to get to the next level, look no further than there.

Newer is better

Young players get a huge boost from fan voting. Andrighetto is chugging along at 80%, while Sekac, Beaulieu, and Tinordi all get a ton of positive reviews compared to their peers, even those that regularly outperform them.

Playing defense is a thankless job

There are no defensemen in the top five most liked players, and only one in the top 10 (Beaulieu). P.K. Subban and Andrei Markov in particular are vastly underrated here. No defenseman has an approval rating over 80%, while six forwards do, and Galchenyuk even cracks 90%.

The burden of expectations

After Carey Price, there can be no argument that the most important players to the Montreal Canadiens' success this season have been Subban, Pacioretty, and Markov. The two defensemen play the toughest competition night in and night out, dominating opponents on both sides of the puck, while Pacioretty leads the Habs' offense. Yet all three are under 80% approval. When all that's expected is dominance, every little mistake gets scrutinized. Similarly, P.A. Parenteau has been a brilliant possession player, but hasn't put up points at the expected pace, and is less approved of than... Malhotra? Yeah....

Season rebounding

Since Desharnais was taken away from Pacioretty, his approval rating has jumped from below 50% to above 70%. He's a great example of a player who takes a lot of guff from fans simply based on how he's used, not how he plays.